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I grew up in the countryside where I spent my days fishing in streams, brooks and rivers and then doing exactly the same thing on our family holidays, which were taken in southern Ireland. My other great passion as a boy was sport, and I was blessed by living a stones throw away from a 20 acre sports ground which nurtured my passion for football, golf and athletics. At home we kept animals too; some with 4 legs, some with 2 and always had vegetables and fruit growing in the garden. All in all a wonderful upbringing in a time of seemingly innocent and uncomplicated joy.

Professionally I entered the world of Marketing and Design as a youngster, before striking out on my own to found a Company in my late twenties. I’ve been ‘my own boss’ (never strictly true) ever since.

Alongside my career I have continued a passion for the arts; painting and writing, which began back in primary school. I have sold articles to publications and on occasion sold a few paintings. I have mysteriously won awards for design in a number of fields and, never good at leaving well enough alone, I adopted Photography as a perfect adjunct to my artistic inclinations.

I could claim that photography became another form of expressing my view of the world, but that wouldn’t be true – I just like taking photographs. My style (if I have one) is to look for the slightly unconventional wherever possible. In becoming a ‘freelance photographer’ without needing to live off the income it generated I am free to pursue whichever photographic styles and subjects excite and inspire me.

Due to my background this has resulted in the inevitable gravitation toward ‘action sport’ and portraits.

And by ‘action’ I mean those sporting events that require athleticism and bravery, skill and determination. So, you are more likely to find me photographing an Iron Man Triathlon than a World Darts competition and the Burleigh Horse Trials than Snooker at the Crucible.

The partnership between animal and human in sporting endeavor has always inspired me. The mutual trust that needs to coexist, and the shared courage and fearless determination that is displayed at ever fence is compelling.

You’ll find galleries on my website here covering a broad range of subjects and you will find an ever growing number of horse related galleries at http://www.drewsmithphotography.co.uk

Hopefully you’ll have met me at an event and got a business card which has brought you here and you are most welcome. If you and your horse are featured (or you and your Huskies) in one of these galleries please drop me a line and let me know.

In recent times I have been asked to shoot portfolio sessions of Horse and Rider, either at the yard in which the horse is kept or at the rider’s home with the horse. Such portfolio sessions produce fantastic results, ones that the rider will treasure a lifetime.

If you would like to discuss a portfolio session or you wish to hire me to shoot a sporting event , please contact me using my email address; drew@drewsmithphotography.co.uk which can also be found at the foot of any page on my website.

Thank you for looking in and all the best.

Drew Smith


Posted April 1, 2011 by Drew

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