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First of all my apologies for the lack of blogs recently. Photographic work has been intruding on my spare time and was unable to get to the recent away games. But you don’t care about that….

NCL FC v Liverpool away 16.07.16053

….. here’s the game away to Liverpool this Saturday in words and pictures:

County travelled to Widnes (not Liverpool technically Matt Rowland the pedant informs me) to play a Liverpool team unbeaten in their last five games. Although County have an impressive record against the reds.

County and Liverpool probably have the two best sets of fans in the league. They are certainly the most vocal!

NCL FC v Liverpool away 16.07.16011Nice to see both sets of supporters mingling together.

Now then… never let it be said that Colin Walker is behind the times. Here he is playing his ‘Pokemon Go’ game on his phone.

NCL FC v Liverpool away 16.07.16001Colin Walker….. has to ‘catch them all’!

Pre-game warm-ups saw Paul Campbell sends up a silent prayer.

NCL FC v Liverpool away 16.07.16043that he won’t be stuck next to Colin on the coach home and have to hear about the rare Vaporeaon pokemon character again.

Oh yes… County have a new goalkeeper coach in Steve Harris.

NCL FC v Liverpool away 16.07.16005Nice pose Steve, appreciating the ‘old school’ footy boots – nothing outlandishly bright about those.

Colin Walker asks Tanya to turn out her pockets in case she has the rare Vaporeaon Pokemon character. Col hasn’t quiet got the hang of the game yet.

NCL FC v Liverpool away 16.07.16009Nice boots Tanya – very sensible.

The wonderful turf at the Select stadium awaited the arrival of both teams as they lead out their ‘escorts’ (what happened ‘mascots’?)

NCL FC v Liverpool away 16.07.16010Leanne Crichton with her ‘escort’ beside Meg Walsh who is about to push her’s over for getting in the way.

Notts’s double signing; international midfielders Jade Moore and Jo Potter take to the field.

NCL FC v Liverpool away 16.07.16016Both players left Birmingham City earlier this month having agreed a deal to buy themselves out of the remainder of their respective contracts.

Laura Bassett shakes hands with Liverpool Captain Gemma Bonner.

NCL FC v Liverpool away 16.07.16014This often indicates Kick-off is imminent.

And it was, with Notts racing out of the gate and dominating the opening exchanges.

NCL FC v Liverpool away 16.07.16015White challenges Reds’ keeper Chamberlain for the ball.

And it was Ellen White that almost put the Pies into the lead…. a Turner cross was flicked on by the County striker and pass the Liverpool keeper. The ball was goal-bound but was diverted onto the post by the outstretched foot of ex Notts left back Alex Greenwood.

NCL FC v Liverpool away 16.07.16012White goes close! But no banana.

It became evident early on in the half that new arrivals Moore and Potter were having a major impact on the game and the style of football being played by Notts.

NCL FC v Liverpool away 16.07.16019Jade Moore influential in midfield goes close from outside the box.

Jo Potter’s inventive passes and deft touches saw her start to run the show in midfield.

NCL FC v Liverpool away 16.07.16044Jo Potter – a revelation in the County engine room.

Chances were few and far between with Notts playing the more attractive football and overall edging the first half encounter.

NCL FC v Liverpool away 16.07.16045Rachel Williams’ battle with Alex Greenwood was entertaining.

Ellen White was, as in every game, covering every inch of the synthetic pitch.

NCL FC v Liverpool away 16.07.16018White in the mix again.

County tried a new corner kick formation!

NCL FC v Liverpool away 16.07.16017Called ‘how many players can simultaneously stand on Chamberlain’s feet’.

Williams and Bonner fight for the dropping ball. Bonner somewhat unfairly.

NCL FC v Liverpool away 16.07.16023Bonner holds down Rachel Williams.

But Rachel is difficult to stop and still gets off a shot.

NCL FC v Liverpool away 16.07.16022Notts go close through Williams.

Half-time arrived around the 45 minute mark not surprisingly with the scoreline still at 0-0.

During the half-time break Colin Walker was asked to change his footwear…..

NCL FC v Liverpool away 16.07.16004… apparently Liverpool John Lennon airport had called in the request after reports of descending airplanes being distracted by the glare.

The second half resumes approximately 15 minutes later with Notts continuing to edge out Liverpool in most departments.

NCL FC v Liverpool away 16.07.16041Williams continued to trouble the Reds’ defense.

Whilst the midfield was still being dominated by Moore and Potter.

NCL FC v Liverpool away 16.07.16052Jade Moore having a great game at the Rubber Crumb Select Stadium.

Meanwhile the County defense looked solid – with Fern Whelan playing one of her best games of the season.

NCL FC v Liverpool away 16.07.16054Loving the grace and poise there Fern. 🙂

But the drama wasn’t quite over – Jade Moore hits a shot just wide of the far post that had keeper Chamberlain scrambling….

NCL FC v Liverpool away 16.07.16021

NCL FC v Liverpool away 16.07.16029Siobahn watches Moore’s shot go wide of the target.

Notts had a couple of late scares….. firstly Potter sustained a foot injury and had to come off.

NCL FC v Liverpool away 16.07.16055Jo down but hopefully not out of the next game vs Man City.

And secondly a rare Liverpool attack saw Meg Walsh come to the rescue saving from point blank range against Charles.

NCL FC v Liverpool away 16.07.16049

in fact the young keeper standing in for the injured Carly Telford had an impressive performance between the posts.

NCL FC v Liverpool away 16.07.16050Meg Walsh leaps like a Salmon to snuff out the threat.

As the game drew to a close manager Passmoor made tactical substitutions to close out the game – something that County have had trouble doing in the past.

Aileen Whelan being one of the subs put in her usual dependable performance.

NCL FC v Liverpool away 16.07.16025

Aileen playing just as well in Black & White.

Amy Turner triumphed at right back as the Notts back-four held fast to close out a 0-0 draw.

NCL FC v Liverpool away 16.07.16059Amy Turner also looking good in Black & White.

The final whistle might have disappointed Liverpool more than Notts, expecting as they were to bag all 3 points at home, but this was a well-earned point for County and offers a new platform from which to build for the rest of the season.

NCL FC v Liverpool away 16.07.16028Rick tells the girls exactly that!

With the game over Greenwood, Moore and Potter get reacquainted.

NCL FC v Liverpool away 16.07.16035

The ballgirls Mascots ‘escorts’ line up in the hope of bagging a few autographs.

NCL FC v Liverpool away 16.07.16036‘Hmm, now who do I need to complete my collection?’

Siobhan was one of them, obviously.

NCL FC v Liverpool away 16.07.16039She fakes surprise. 🙂

Alex helps the injured Jo Potter down the tunnel.

NCL FC v Liverpool away 16.07.16037Lets hope the recovery is speedy.

And finally…..

….. Colin Walker is asked how many Pokemon he caught today!

NCL FC v Liverpool away 16.07.16006Oh… just the one then?

Next game:

Notts County Ladies FC V Manchester City Women

KO 16:00 Sun 24 July 2016 at Meadow Lane Stad.



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