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The Lady Pies twice came from behind to draw their second league game of the season and their first at Meadow Lane against a battling Reading side.

Here’s the game in words and pictures:

Possibly the best fans in the league were out in force on Sunday. With no disrespect to Reading but they simply don’t have the pull of a Man City, Arsenal or Chelsea and yet attendance was just under 900! A crowd any other team would be proud of for any game!

NCL FC vs Reading FA WSL1042

A young fan spots Paul Campbell’s beard.

NCL FC vs Reading FA WSL1015

Strength coach Campbell adds a finishing tweak to his full set.

Whilst another youngster asks her dad if he’ll donate his ‘Now That’s What I Call Music 7’ tape cassette as a half-time competition prize!

NCL FC vs Reading FA WSL1045

Dad agrees…..

NCL FC vs Reading FA WSL1036….. and into Matt Rowland’s bumper box of prizes it goes!

Last season’s Agent Trenchcoat has been upgraded to Agent Cashmere Coat!

NCL FC vs Reading FA WSL1007

Agent C brings some much-needed style to the Pies terraces.

Meanwhile back at the warm-ups assistant manager Colin Walker forgets to put on his glasses.

NCL FC vs Reading FA WSL1011

Colin struggles to differentiate between his players and the Reading squad!

Until a steward is despatched to the assisted housing where Colin left his bifocals.

NCL FC vs Reading FA WSL1003

Colin is a happy bunny again and heads off to talk to his own players this time.

Blog competition time! I’ve no idea who this is. So….

NCL FC vs Reading FA WSL1064

…. answers on a postcard wins a picture of your choice from this weeks game vs Liverpool!

EDIT: this is Taome Oliver new signing from Arsenal I’ve been told, by Rebecca Walker. 🙂

It was great to see Fern Whelan back in the squad and fit enough to be on the bench.

NCL FC vs Reading FA WSL1012

Whelan back after a series of injuries plagued her last season.

Okay…. I can’t put it off any longer …. let’s get to the game:

Newly promoted Reading were the visitors.

NCL FC vs Reading FA WSL1004

The Lady Pies line-up seems to be having difficulty focussing.

The referee (under FA directive 27b subclause 14a)  trials the new coin toss. The assistant ref (on the left) balances the coin on his nose, Laura Bassett has to catch it before it hits the floor to win the toss and the right to choose ends or kick-off.

NCL FC vs Reading FA WSL1008

It’s a tense moment as demonstrated by assistant ref number two on the right.

The ref blows his whistle to start proceedings….

NCL FC vs Reading FA WSL1006

… the Pies mascot is not impressed!

The game commenced with Reading working hard in all areas of the pitch and strangely County seemed to be struggling to get out of second gear!

Then this happened:

NCL FC vs Reading FA WSL1068

Flashbacks to last season at home when Notts had a run of  conceding early goals.

Reading’s Ward, with nothing much else on, hit a speculative shot at goal which flew past keeper Telford and into the top corner!

NCL FC vs Reading FA WSL1067

0-1 to Reading. This obviously necessitated some impromptu hair grooming.

County continued to struggle to find any rhythm or each other with an accurate pass with the ball spending much of the time in the air.

To add to their woes they then lost Rachel Williams with an ankle injury.

NCL FC vs Reading FA WSL1017Ouch!

NCL FC vs Reading FA WSL1070

Aileen Whelan replaces Williams.

And it was left to the hard-working Jess Clarke to bring the game level from the spot just after the half hour mark.

NCL FC vs Reading FA WSL1028

Clarke places the ball….

NCL FC vs Reading FA WSL1029

… and slots it home…

NCL FC vs Reading FA WSL1030… sending the keeper the wrong way! 1-1.

The half continued with Reading battling and making chances and County unable to shake off their lethargic start to the game.

NCL FC vs Reading FA WSL1032

NCL FC vs Reading FA WSL1027

NCL FC vs Reading FA WSL1023

NCL FC vs Reading FA WSL1021

NCL FC vs Reading FA WSL1020

NCL FC vs Reading FA WSL1018

NCL FC vs Reading FA WSL1016

But it wasn’t long before Reading were back in front. Apparently an own goal from Laura Bassett which to me looked like a headed goal from a  Reading striker:

NCL FC vs Reading FA WSL1102

NCL FC vs Reading FA WSL1101

NCL FC vs Reading FA WSL1100Either way 1-2 Reading!

NCL FC vs Reading FA WSL1091

Half time intervened and mercifully brought to an end a half that lacked any kind of conviction from the County players. Reading worked hard and were a credible outfit but Notts were quite frankly playing well below their usual high standard.

Surely things would take a turn for the better. Cue Matt Rowland’s half-time beano of fun and games!

Matt calls the raffle winning number….

NCL FC vs Reading FA WSL1036… whilst checking he still has the first prize 80’s music cassette.

Rowland, ever the conservative he, decides to stick with last season’s tried and tested ‘penalty shoot out’ theme.

NCL FC vs Reading FA WSL1039

…. the lucky raffle winner gets to put one past Mrs Magpie.

NCL FC vs Reading FA WSL1040

Mrs Magpie needs some goalkeeper coaching from Bob Widdowson!

The Pies fan is jubilant at having won a signed copy of a Burger King menu.

NCL FC vs Reading FA WSL1041 Matt Rowland has pocketed the ‘NTWICM’ music cassette for himself!

The second half

Jess Clarke lobs the Reading keeper to make it 2-2.

NCL FC vs Reading FA WSL1052

Surely now County can push on and win this game!

NCL FC vs Reading FA WSL1087Happy at last!

County still not firing on all cylinders try to force the winner as the Reading keeper parries a shot from distant….

NCL FC vs Reading FA WSL1056

…. it spills out to Rachel Yankey….

NCL FC vs Reading FA WSL1057

…. who almost managed to nutmeg the keeper with a follow-up shot.

But alas the game finished with the points shared and County were left wondering where the team that lost in injury time to Man City away and to Arsenal on penalties in the FA Cup had disappeared to.

The signs were ominous when the usual post game huddle was abandoned and replaced with the warm-down.

NCL FC vs Reading FA WSL1061

Rick conspicuous by his absence was giving a post-match interview.

NCL FC vs Reading FA WSL1062The body-language says it all. Rick took the team straight off the pitch to the dressing room after the game. 

The next visitors to Meadow Lane are Liverpool this bank holiday Monday.


Lets hope it will be Redemption Monday.


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