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A trip to Boreham Wood for the quarter-final of the FA Cup ended in heartbreak for Notts as they exited the competition after a dramatic sudden death penalty shoot out!

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016118

Here’s the game in words and pictures:

The trip down the motorway saw the talented Ladypies team leave the overcast skies of the conurbation of Nottingham and emerge into the sunnier climes of the outlying suburbs of London, to play Arsenal in the quarter-final of the FA Cup.

The day started with optimistic good cheer as Paul Campbell revealed his thicker, more luxuriant full set beard and moustache.

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016079

Paul gives credit to Matt (‘the guy that can get stuff’) Rowland for supplying him with the ‘The Lover‘ British beard oil!

Joining the backroom coaching staff for the remainder of the season is Tanya Oxtoby.

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016076

Tanya – the great and powerful Oz.

Rick’s fan club caught up with the great man before the game and asked him if he could show them his ball skills…..

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016078

….. Rick obliged:

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016077

The boy Passmoor shows the fans a clean pair of heels!

Carly Telford was back in goal for this game after Megan Walsh deputized for her against Man City last week, where she acquitted herself wonderfully well.

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016084Pupil and Master.

The match officials….. unsuspecting of what was to unfold that afternoon.

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016081

Linesman far left apparently won a silver rosette in last year’s ‘Beardy Boy 2015’ competition.

Arsenal FC set up shop. The offerings are somewhat sparse.

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016080

3 mugs, 3 dodgy dinosaurs and a football. Makes the Notts County Club shop look like Aladdin’s cave!

Still, marketing mahout Matty Rowland couldn’t resist taking a pic of the set-up ….

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016082
…. maybe this is all part of his master plan for the first home game half-time entertainment!

Bearby Boy rosette winner eye’s Paul Campbell’s full set!

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016085

Paul plays it cool ……

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016120

…. and pretends not to notice the admiring glance.

This is Arsenal’s version of Matt Rowland. A slightly younger, better looking, more media savvy, multi-tasking version.

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016089

The Matty Rowland upgrade – now available at all good footballing outlets.

On with the game then. The girls lined up before kick-off.

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016093

Sophie Bradly-Auckland shakes hands.

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016004

County started the game by far the stronger with Williams, Buet, White and Clarke leading the charge.

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016020

Rachel Williams attracts 3 defenders.

Then minutes later goes close with a header…

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016091

….. and then even closer minutes later….

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016092

….. before Crichton joins in and heads just wide. Realistically Notts could have been 3-0 up.

But against the run of play Kelly Smith broke the deadlock with a class strike, hitting a volley past Notts’ keeper Carly Telford.
Wollaton Park wildlife 2016019
Smith makes it 1-0 to the Arse-er-nal! (notice the crowning of the pitch making photography problematic on occasion).
Arsenal celebrate….
Wollaton Park wildlife 2016021
…. somewhere over the hill.
County and their fervent travelling fans only had to wait two minutes for an equaliser which came courtesy of Sophie Bradley-Auckland when she glanced in a Dani Buet’s free-kick.

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016098
Sophie Bradley-Auckland celebrates her goal as the Arsenal player look on in abject despair.
Wollaton Park wildlife 2016097
Crichton congratulates the County captain!
On 33 minutes County’s Aivi Luik made it 2-1 Notts! Ellen White challenged Arsenal Keeper Veenendaal from a Buet free-kick.
Wollaton Park wildlife 2016099
Veenendaal punches under pressure.

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016100

And the ball drops kindly for County defender Luik to pounce.

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016101

Notts’ number 3 makes it 2.

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016104

Or does she? The referee seems to have disallowed the goal.

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016102

But wait…. no, he’s given it! 2-1 Notts.

From this point on some of the Arsenal players began to ‘lose the plot’. Tackles flew in and tempers flared.

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016024

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016025

The Arsenal player clearly goes through the player….

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016031

… but no booking.

But Ellen Whit’s attempted block….

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016008

… gets a yellow from the ref!

Arsenal seemed to be on the verge of imploding. The ref turned down two dubious appeals for penalties…

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016051

Kelly Smith seemed to be actively hunting a yellow card for dissent.

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016060

… time and time again.

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016050

And finally got what she deserved. I think Dani Buet was making a valid comment here. 🙂

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016072

The referee was under siege at various points.

As Smith seemed intent on showing everybody how to behave like a petulant child ….

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016059

… Laura Jayne O’Neil showed her how to behave with class even though she’d been fouled.

Half-time came and went but the game continued where it had left off with both sides playing good football but always seeming as if they were on the edge of a ‘biff zone’.

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016044

And then horror of horror Notts went down to 10 players!

White already on a yellow chased down a ball with the ruthless determination and work ethic she’d shown all game but then inexplicably kicked the ball away after it had gone out of play ( something Arsenal had down in the first half with no penalty).

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016048This afforded the referee the opportunity to give her a second yellow followed by a red. With some 30 minutes left to play County were going to have to survive with one player less than Arsenal.

Notts then did an amazing job of resisting Arsenal’s attempts to draw level…

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016043

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016058

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016070

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016065

…. until the 81st minute when Arsenal’s Natalia Pablos Sanchon nodded in fellow substitute Katie McCabe’s cross to force extra time.

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016055The cross loops up into the air…

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016056
… dropping conveniently for the Arsenal striker….
Wollaton Park wildlife 2016057
… to nod home.

To add to their troubles County then lost Captain Bradley-Auckland with an injury late in the half.

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016053

County’s inspirational skipper exits the game.

Extra time was played out with Arsenal camped out outside the Notts 18 yard box but they could not force the winning goal.

And Notts may have snatched it with a counter attack.

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016039

Jess Clarke bends the ball wide of the Arsenal far post.

But with the game at 2-2 the ref blew for full-time and penalties and even then the team’s couldn’t be separated; with 5 penalties taken and two saves from Veenendaal and Telford.

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016023

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016117

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016116

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016115

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016114

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016113

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016112

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016111

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016110

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016109

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016108

But Arsenal’s McCabe struck the decider to put the Lady Pies out!

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016121

Wollaton Park wildlife 2016123

A tough defeat for Notts.

I’ll leave you with a few quotes from Carly Telford which I thought summed the game up pretty well:

She said: “It had everything. There were aggressive tackles going in, diving, there were some tantrums, a sending off, penalties, extra time. If you were watching that, you were thoroughly entertained I’d hope.

On the penalties: “When you’ve worked for 120 minutes and ran your little legs off, I said I wouldn’t have been surprised if all of them had missed.

“We’ve got to dust ourselves down. It was a great performance.

“When you look at the players they’re bringing on, the internationals they’ve got stacked up on the bench, we’ve got to take a lot of heart from that.

“We’ve got to build on it and it might have been different if we’d had 11 on the pitch, but we’ll never know.”




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