Notts County Ladies vs Chelsea Ladies – FA Cup Final at Wembley Stadium   Leave a comment

There were two result at Wembley Stadium on the 1st of August 2015;  on one hand Notts County Ladies lost 1-0 to a well disciplined and, on the day, superior Chelsea side. And on the other hand women’s football scored a huge victory in this historic game in front of a record crowd for a women’s FA Cup Final of over 30,000!

Here’s the day in words and pictures:


Yeah… thought my luck was in here… the girls came over right in front of me to line up as a team when an FA official ‘shoo’d’ them back (you can see Ellen White protesting) to the Chelsea team and the banner to pose for photos as a mixed team with the opposition. This was the closest the County girls got to a team photo with their new kit on at Wembley all day.


This is where the FA Official shoo’d the girls to – a photo op with the Chelsea team.

fans 1

The County fans out numbered and out sang the Chelsea contingent!


Desi Scott drives across the middle of the ‘park’ (yeah, Wembley is a ‘park’) full of concentration and her tongue out!


Jess Clarke wants the ball – and looks to get a little separation too.


Skipper Bassett on the ball – gotta love that crowd in the background!


Amy Turner looking composed in acres of space.


Scott again – a powerhouse and workhorse all day long.


Sophie Walton shadows Chelsea goal scorer Ji So-Yun.


The bench – never likely to sit in plusher seats at a footy match.


Scott AGAIN leaving Aluko in her wake! 🙂 Yeah, Desi is THAT fast!


After all the scares Carly Telford is on the starting team list.


And plays her usual ‘safe hands’ game.


Crichton heads clear.


Telford saves again.


But in the end the result on County’s date with history didn’t go their way. It was painful for everybody with an exponential increase in misery amplified by the occasion and the venue. The girls can be proud of reaching the final for such an auspicious occasion and be very proud of being in the vanguard of what we hope to be a new chapter in women’s football in this country. Well done girls! And well done everybody that supports the club behind the scenes and in the stands!

So, just the league and the Continental Cup to win now! 🙂



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