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Notts County Ladies Football Team beat Everton Ladies on Sunday 3-0 to book a date with History at Wembley stadium on August the 1st. The match will also be shown live on BBC One.


Here’s the game in words and pictures:

First of all the fans: we had more at Goodison Park than they (Everton) did. They were noisier, much more so. To my untrained eye we must have had 400-500 supporters there. Surely the biggest away supporters attendance of the season. Do we get a prize F.A?


The girls all seemed very relaxed and happy in the pregame warm-ups.

03May2015_0579Fern and Aileen enjoying the day.


Dunia and Ashleigh get all ‘girlie’; “Look, it’s Goodison Park.”

But Paul Campbell soon gets them working and it was game faces on!

03May2015_0383Ellen White and Rachel Williams lead the charge.

03May2015_0603Aileen Whelan scowls through the warm-ups.

03May2015_0604Carly Telford gets in the zone.

03May2015_0439Laura Bassett (on time this time) shakes hands with Michelle Hinnigan and exchanges pennants. Laura is holding our specially designed invisible edition.

The game kicked off with the Goodison pitch looking in superb condition. It’s well-trimmed and expansive surface would surely favour Notts. On a high from 9 goals in the last two games County’s confidence was sky-high, but it was Everton that threatened to take the lead.


Everton carried a threat in the first few minutes of the contest.

Almost straight from the kick off Everton’s Lucy Whipp hit the bar from 20 yards out with Carly Telford stranded but thankful the ball dropped kindly for her to collect.

County then eased into 5th gear and started to play.

03May2015_0606Jess Clarke shows the Everton defense a clean pair of heels.

Notts’ well oiled machine purred through the first half creating numerous half chances as Everton tried in vain to match their opponents quality on the ball.

03May2015_0719Williams as is customary now always seemed open for the pass and held up and linked play wonderfully.

03May2015_0619Sophie Walton was a rock in defence.

03May2015_0618Skipper Bassett was formidable (look at that crowd).

03May2015_0626Clarke goes on the attack again much to the delight of the County throng.

03May2015_0616Only desperate defending at times by Everton kept County’s strike forces at bay.

Aileen Whelan is as smooth as silk again in midfield.

03May2015_0648Everton fans can only watch and wish they had such a talented player on their squad.

03May2015_0670Aileen Whelan keeps the County machine turning.

The half drew to a close with the game goalless. County had created chances from which they might have scored but the overall feeling of confidence permeated the team and there was no signs of impatient as Passmoor’s well-drilled team just seemed to be biding their time.

And they didn’t have to bide long when the game restarted. With less than a minute gone of the second half Alex (pocket rocket) Greenwood whipped in a cross that Jess Clarke met with her head to open the scoring for Notts.

03May2015_0076Clarke scores. In fact Clarke scores so early in the half it took almost everybody by surprise (Matt Rowland was still returning to his seat with his prawn sandwiches).

03May2015_0082Ellen White joins in the celebrations.

Everton’s heads dropped at this point. Keeping the game goalless and putting away a half chance might have seemed their best hope and this was now going to be a tough game to get back in to; pushing for an equaliser was going to leave them vulnerable to County’s talented free-scoring strike force.

Instead Everton’s threat fizzled out and in the 55th minute Alex Greenwood was the provider again, crossing for Ellen White to head home athletically past the Everton keeper to put Notts 2-0 up.

03May2015_0103White gets her head to the ball to put County a step closer to Wembley.

03May2015_0108Keeper Megan Walsh and the Everton fans know it’s game over!

And on 81 minutes it was all over, when Dani Buet’s free-kick evaded everybody including the Everton goalie to find the bottom corner.


3-0 NOTTS! Not even Colin Walker would dare claim this set piece was off the training ground (actually he might).

03May2015_0843Williams hoists Buet on to her shoulders.

03May2015_0777Everton had no reply, even with the ball girls working hard to keep the ball in play as much as possible.

But County keep the pressure on…

03May2015_0755Lineswoman Helen Connely (yeah I know her name) keeps pace with Jess – impressive.

The end is nigh. The staff look on pensively as the clock ticks down. County manager Rick Passmoor can’t take any more and leaves for his ‘Eagle’s Nest’ lookout post in the stand…


… it must be the prospect of a historic Wembley appearance looking almost inevitable that makes him nervously head for his observation post only to find…

03May2015_0785… Matt Rowland is sitting in his seat playing Angry Birds 3. Rick points this out to Luke Negus-Hill who in turn instructs Matt Rowland to move.

The full time whistle goes and Notts are at Wembley! Chaotic scenes ensue.

The county mascot Ms Magpie loses her head and invades the pitch and loses her head!


But she’s fine.


It takes more than decapitation to stop Ms Magpie. 🙂

The  team celebrate making history.


Then decide to ceremonially hold hands and run to their adoring fans…


… at which point Ellen White thinks it a good idea to dive and slide, only the pitch had dried out considerably and she pays the price (far left in picture)!

Jess Clarke gives one of many interviews at the end of the game…

03May2015_0211… and sums up how we all feel about making history.

County march on to the FA Cup Final at Wembley. Soon feet will have to be back on the ground for the home league game at Meadow Lane this weekend against Champions Liverpool. Make sure you don’t miss that game. It promises to be a doozy!

(C) Drew Smith Photography

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and just in case I should ever write or post anything inaccurate, stupid or downright misleading I’d like it to be known that those inaccuracies, stupidities and misleading statements and pictures are mine, and mine alone! 

…. everything else is Matt Rowland’s fault.


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  1. Love the shots from your fish eye lens, very atmospheric!


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