Notts County Ladies vs Sunderland at Meadow Lane   1 comment

Notts County Ladies showed their pedigree and class on Wednesday night to hand down another brubbing; this time to Sunderland Ladies FC beating them 4-2.

29Apr2015_0119Here’s the game in words and pictures:

This game against Sunderland FC was the second part of the season defining trinity taking place over a 9 day period. Part one last Saturday saw County dispatch Bristol Academy with aplomb running out 5-2 victors away from home. Part three will be the game this weekend coming vs Everton in the semi of the FA Cup. But shhss, Rick Passmoor has banned any mention of it until after the game against Sunderland.

29Apr2015_0205Matt Lawson (nutritional guru) offers Rick an Everton Toffee.

The Pies fans gather, which sees the return of…

29Apr2015_0260… Harry Secombe Pie.

This is Winston, new kid on the block and all round nice guy.

29Apr2015_0246In his hand he holds the written instruction from Manager Passmoor to eject anybody heard talking about the Everton game. Although I think employing special agents in the stands was going overboard.

29Apr2015_0232Special Agent Trenchcoat has no sense of humour as far as he knows.

With kick-off imminent and Matt (Tweeting Tyrant) Rowland about to enter the Twitters-sphere, he asks to have the off-side rule explained to him just one more time.

29Apr2015_0250Yes Matt, if they’re level they are still on-side.

Kick off then and skipper Basset suddenly realises the game can’t start without the coin toss of which she is an integral part.

29Apr2015_0004Laura leaves the huddle to start the game…

29Apr2015_0005… the ref politely points out they’ve been waiting 10 minutes.

Notts make a bright and breezy start, looking as if they mean business. Their class begins to show and that fiercesome team sheet starts to impose itself on the pitch. Pressing the ball and closing down Sunderland deep inside their own half has the visitors on the back foot…

29Apr2015_0050… until a hopeful punt downfield finds Beth Mead whose determined run gets her the wrong side of Amy Turner and in on goal …

29Apr2015_0011… where she expertly lifts the ball over Carly Telford to give the Black Cats a 1-0 lead.

29Apr2015_0012Not the start Notts wanted.

A nervy few minutes ensued before County began their strangle hold on the game. And as Sunderland gasped for breath keeper Laws was employed full-time in an effort to hold Notts at bay.


But the Black Cats’ defense was chasing its tail in trying to stifle Jess Clarke who won a free kick some 25 yards out. Dani Buet and Alex Greenwood stood poised to execute another ‘Walker wonder’.

29Apr2015_0299Greenwood ran over the ball, Buet stepped up to strike it (no clown cars appeared) and expertly hit Ellen White with her effort which deflects the shot past the Sunderland keeper. How does assistant manager Walker keep coming up with them?

29Apr2015_0304Buet hits White in the box to equalise. GOAL! NOTTS 1-1.

Moments later County went 2-1 up when Rachel Williams created the chance for Ellen White by winning the ball in midfield and threading a pass through to her strike partner …


… who took the ball in her stride and poked it past the despairing keeper…

29Apr2015_0315… with ….. APLOMB! 2-1 NOTTS!

White celebrates…

29Apr2015_0048… with characteristic ferocity.

Mid way through the first half Sunderland might have equalised if it weren’t for the cat-like reflexes of Carly Telford

29Apr2015_0057… Sunderland’s number 5 beats Bassett to the ball to head powerfully down into the County goal…

29Apr2015_0052… Telford gets a strong right hand to the header, pushing it upward and onto the bar…

29Apr2015_0060… as it drops Amy Turner finishes the job with an acrobatic clearance off the line.


Minutes later Jess Clarke broke her scoring duck!

More good work from Williams made space for Clarke to collect the ball and drive into her opponent’s box before …

29Apr2015_0328… unleashing a shot that beat keeper Laws at her near post.

29Apr2015_0334GOAL NOTTS! 3-1!

Oozing class and now openly terrorising the Sunderland defence County began to show just what a top flight team they could become this season. And to prove the point they went 4-1 up when Sophie Walton crossed for Rachel (can’t stop scoring) Williams to head past the hapless (‘hapless’ like ‘aplomb’ appears rarely outside of football commentary) Laws.

Notts 4 Sunderland 1

Half time entertainment commenced with the ‘Kick the ball in the goal and we’ll give you a random prize’ competition. The Pies’ Mascot goes in goal for this and nerves can get the better of even the best keepers.

29Apr2015_0351 Luke Negus-Hall isn’t pleased about having to follow the mascot around with the poop bag.

The contestant had good form….

29Apr2015_0359…. and wins a signed England shirt for her troubles.


29Apr2015_0362Matt Rowland celebrates finally ‘getting’ the off-side’ rule.

Meanwhile the fans entertain themselves.

29Apr2015_0255No words necessary.

The game restarts and Notts lift their foot off the pedal and slip in to cruise control.

29Apr2015_0157But still keep a firm grip on the game well into the 70th minute.


With 15 minutes to go Sunderland reduced the deficit to two goals when Rachel Williams has the dubious honour of scoring for both teams. Victoria Greenwell’s cross is deflected by County’s Williams and past the stranded England keeper Telford.

Notts 4 Sunderland 2.
With time dwindling away Notts sat back and closed out the game, much to Sunderland’s frustration.
29Apr2015_0184No amount of encouragement…29Apr2015_0181.. or hurry up came to Sunderland’s rescue.29Apr2015_0193Notts ran out comfortable winners and climbed to 3rd in the league.

29Apr2015_0392Rick and the squad share a joke.

29Apr2015_0424Sophie Walton in repose asks somebody to peel her a grape.

29Apr2015_0427Carly and Amy argue who it’s going to be.

With the usual autograph hunting over the fans take time out to get their picture taken.

29Apr2015_0436Which team are these girls from and whose face is that on the sweatshirt? Answers on a postcard please.

So, that’s two down and one to go. Scoring 9 goals in the last two games is tremendous preparation for the game against Everton on Sunday. COYP.

Wem-ber-ley is only one win away!

(C) Drew Smith Photography

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and just in case I should ever write or post anything inaccurate, stupid or downright misleading I’d like it to be known that those inaccuracies, stupidities and misleading statements and pictures are mine, and mine alone! 

…. everything else is Matt Rowland’s fault.


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  1. Fantastic shots from a great game! I love Harry.


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