Notts County Ladies vs Chelsea Ladies at Meadow Lane   1 comment

Notts lost their first league game of the season against title hopefuls Chelsea. The Pies going down 1-2; beaten by a second half penalty.

Here’s the game in words and pictures:

‘If you’re on time then you’re late!’ might be the adage this lot live by….

290315_0178… always the first in, and a good hour before kick-off too. Nice scarves ladies, but who brought photo-bombing Harry Secombe along? 🙂

The team warmed up and so did the Manager…

290315_0167… this is Rick (has the skills to pay the bills) Passmoor looking at the ball as if he’s never seen one before.

Other supporters were getting comfy and anticipating a great contest….

290315_0196… who does that beautiful woman on the far right remind you of?

Matt (the GoPro pro) Rowland puts in an early appearance…

290315_0198… Matt’s new tripod failed to stand up to the force 12 gales, so no Goalcam footage from this game. In his shoulder bag is water-proof make-up for the second half.

Game time and the team does the ‘gathering together-battle cry-running away-thingy’…

290315_0212… or possibly (looking at Amy Turner’s face) it’s the reaction to somebody breaking wind.

The game kicked-off with the weather looking to be the third opponent to battle in this exciting evening clash. Both teams jockeyed for position early on but it was Chelsea that started brighter with Eniola Aluko creating space and threading passes…

290315_0008… the girl certainly has a turn of pace, it would be an interesting foot race between her and Jess Clarke (pictured)

A fairly well matched opening 15 minutes or so ended when Chelsea’s took the lead through Davison!

Making a run in to the County box, she latched on to a pass from Drew Spence and slotted the ball past Carly Telford in the County goal.

0-1 Notts 😦

Notts’ rebuttal was almost immediate. Greenwood’s corner flew like a lightning bolt from Zeus into the Chelsea Penalty area where Rachel Williams was waiting like the voracious trout of destiny in the babbling brook of footballing great goals …

290315_0237… to beat her marker and meet the cross like a long-lost lover…

290315_0238… to send it on it’s way with all the speed and accuracy of the Greek god Hermes…

290315_0240… swift and straight into the back of the Chelsea net.  So powerful that the Chelsea keeper Hendvig Lindahl only starts to react as the ball passes her left hand.

1-1 NOTTS! 🙂

Celebrations happened ….

290315_0244… with Sophie Walton and Fern Whelan getting to Williams first.

The half rushed to 45 minutes like an enthusiastic Labrador with it’s lead tangled around a tree; …

290315_0226… full of energy but not really going anywhere.

290315_0276A good crowd prepared to make a run for half-time pies and tea.

Half time then and a glimpse at the fans of the future…

290315_0042… how cute are these guys, reading the match program and chuckling over Matt Rowland’s spelling mistakes.

The second half was met by a violent weather front…

290315_0295… the heaven’s opened and the rain didn’t so much fall but swirl in mini tornadoes.

290315_0081Some of this rain is actually traveling upwards as well as from side-to-side!

290315_0082It made skilful play difficult and on occasion standing up too!

290315_0106Synchronised injuries. It will never make the Olympics.

With many people thinking that a share of the points in this game wouldn’t be a bad result, Chelsea scored the winner!

Davison picked up the ball on the left hand side of the box and squared up to take on Amy Turner.

The Chelsea markswoman jinxed outside then inside Turner and got a step on her to drive into the box to get a strike on goal. Turner’s attempt to prod the ball from Davison’s possession as she went past resulted in her clipping the Chelsea player’s foot and down Davison went.

290315_0096Penalty to Chelsea!

It was Davison who stepped up to take it, and…


… sending Telford the wrong way, put Chelsea 2-1 up!

Despair! Then frantic play to try and pinch a late equaliser!

Leanne Crichton’s 20 yard volley was Notts last hope. The ball looked goal-bound but the shot struck the head of Chelsea’s Katie Chapman on route to goal and deflected wide.

290315_0305Anguish as Notts go close in the dying seconds.

290315_0117And that’s how it finished.

290315_0325Rick leaves the pitch deep in thought.

It’s never nice to lose and this was an important game against Chelsea, who themselves have designs on the title this season. But with many strong outfits in the WSL Div 1 this season, every game is going to be a battle. Which makes winning all the more enjoyable. 🙂

Notts County’s next game at Meadow Lane is on #bouncebackthursday 2nd April, against Arsenal – Kick Off 7:45pm.

(C) Drew Smith Photography

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and just in case I should ever write or post anything inaccurate, stupid or downright misleading I’d like it to be known that those inaccuracies, stupidities and misleading statements and pictures are mine, and mine alone! 

…. everything else is Matt Rowland’s fault.


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  1. Great shots, love the shots in the rain, very atmospheric. 

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