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I had no problems with websites. I cautiously tiptoed in to the world of blogging. I was dragged by my heels on to Facebook. And this week I went kicking and screaming in to the Twitter-sphere. @DrewSmithPhoto

Here’s my first week in words and pictures:

This year (2015) I decided to bring more resource and focus to bear on my photography courses (check ’em out here #shamelessplug ) and it was in conversation with a fellow photographer and business woman that she suggested ‘getting on Twitter’ to tie in my courses with my other social media.

DL8D5970_0286I guess I was feeling a little lethargic and reluctant to start learning another social media platform (‘come on, how hard can Twitter be?’ my inner bully chipped in).

So I signed up and signed in to Twitter. Now what the hell was I supposed to do with it? Typically, like most blokes, I didn’t bother reading up on anything, instead …….

XRunner Wipeout 2014 Jump 0888….. I just leaped in to my first Tweet.

Then and only then did I start looking at ‘Re-tweets’, ‘Favourites’, ‘Replies’, ‘Followers’ and ‘Followed’ and all that other malarkey.

Luke and Bones 01I soon got to grips with the bear bones of the thing though.

After my 4th tweet somebody was following me (but in a good way; not like a stalker or axe-murderer or anything) and some of my tweets had been re-tweeted. I Googled a few Twitter strategies and looked at just what use ‘favouriting’ a tweet was (still not sure).

The Photography Show Show GirlSuddenly I felt I was getting abreast of this new media.

Next time I looked (must stop looking so often) I had 8 followers – whoo hoo! I started to wonder what I needed to do next to keep them happy and attract new followers. Should I build a gold statue of myself for them to worship or send them chocolate chip cookies through the post?

Chinese New Year female tai chiBut then an epiphany; I realised I just needed to get in touch with my inner-self.

I simply needed to Tweet about those things that interested me and hopefully anybody following me would find them interesting too.

Wooden doorA doorway has open for me in to a new world.

So, if you like my lengthy ramblings here in the Bloggers-sphere, feel free to hear a lot less from me on Twitter by following me there too; @DrewSmithPhoto


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