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Today I became a ‘kid with a new toy’ after the arrival of my Samyang 8mm f3.5 fish-eye lens. Bought primarily for my sports photography.

It took me back to when I got my first ever camera and ran around taking pictures of everything and anything just to see what they’d look like. But I have to admit this lens is a lot of fun. 🙂 Here’s my little excursion in to Bingham, at a silly hour of the day this morning, in words and pictures:

The Bingham Market was setting up at 7:30am this morning, so an ideal opportunity to bug people who had better things to do than be photographed by me. This is the local Pie man selling his wares.

Bingham Market_0045

First thing I learned with this lens was not to get too close (but it’s so tempting and so easy to do) to the subject matter otherwise you lose focus in the foreground.

Bingham Market_0043

This was the Pie man’s (his name was Ian) mode of transport and also his ye olde shoppe.

It was fun trying to work out which compositions worked best…..

Bingham Market_0010

…. this worked less so, for example, than others.

Whereas the key stall seemed to work a little better.

Bingham Market_0052

With basically a 180 degree field of view there is the consistent possibility of the photographer actually getting parts of himself in the shot.

Shooting in RAW! I did photograph the inside of the shop too, so I can crack this terrible photography joke.

Bingham Market fisheye hermi

You’ll notice that the images have ‘Unregistered – do not save’ written all over them. That’s because I’m trialing some ‘distortion’ software called Fisheye-Hermi. Photoshop CS6 has a couple of Filter options but they didn’t seem to work too well on these images.

Bingham Market undistorted

This is the uncorrected version of the RAW shop image straight out of the camera, so you can see the difference. With cropping I think they can look kinda cool distorted like this.

(C) Drew Smith Photography


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