Speed Skating and a cautionary tale!   Leave a comment

I’m sad to report that I had something of a disaster on Saturday at the British Short Track Championships (3- 4 January) at the Nottingham Ice Stadium.


I set up two cameras – the main camera attached to a 400mm f2.8 and I took over 500 pictures with that. The 2nd camera I used for experimentation and the odd ‘normal’ shot.


After the speed skating, which started earlier that morning, I was due to shoot the Nottingham Panther’s game that evening. In between these two events I went to the lounge bar at the stadium and went through the speed skating pictures.


This involved switching cards out of one of the cameras as I wanted to view them on a bigger screen. I was really excited with some of the shots from the various age classes taken with the 400mm – great compression and isolation of the subject as always..


Unfortunately between that time reviewing the pics and shooting the Panthers game and arriving home late Saturday night I lost the card. Never mind that it was a £100 32GB card – it had over 400 images on it from the 400mm lens set-up. Aaaarghhh!


I was distraught of course! Worse I felt bitterly disappointed that I was unable to get these pics to the British Short Track Championships organisers.


I did of course go back to the ice stadium on the Sunday after turning my house, my car and my cat (we don’t even have a cat) upside down. I checked their lost property, their lounge lost property and even searched the sofa I had sat on in the lounge and the areas I’d been shooting in at the rink. But sadly no luck.


So, let my loss be a lesson to you all – don’t ever give me one of your expensive compact flash cards for safe keeping. 🙂


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