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Ice Hockey bit the dust last night on my long list of sports I’ve yet to shoot. The Nottingham Panthers took on the Sheffield Steelers in a local derby game that ended in a 3-2 win for the Panthers in overtime. And I escaped getting my car locked in the car park by 60 seconds!

Here’s the night in words and pictures:

Okay, so I’m pretty much clued in on most sports but I have to admit that Ice Hockey has, until now, eluded me…

Nottm Panthers vs Steelers_0184.. I had the great fortune of meeting Mike last night, who is the resident Panthers photographer. He hospitably showed me around and shared his experience of shooting the sport. Thank Mike.

The game was about to start and was heralded by the appearance of the Panthers’ mascot. Cool – mascots I understand. So far so good.

Nottm Panthers vs Steelers_0016

This is a trumpeter playing the national anthem with Panther’s fans holding up yellow or black cards. With it so far.

Nottm Panthers vs Steelers_0030

This is a fight. They happened quite often. It might have been something somebody said. Players got ‘sin binned’ for 2 minutes for being in the bif zone.

Nottm Panthers vs Steelers_0157

This is not a fight. This is a ‘face off’ (I think) which is what happens when play is restarted. Usually after a fight.

Nottm Panthers vs Steelers_0087

This is another fight. There doesn’t seem to be any rules as to how many people can join in. Even those not actually playing at the time are allowed to participate.

Nottm Panthers vs Steelers_0163

This is creative colliding (below). This happens a lot in the game too. Players are often splattered against the perspex edges of the rink.

Nottm Panthers vs Steelers_0180

This is a passage of play that includes much of the above; creative collisions, preludes to fights etc. but uniquely also includes some ice hockey.

Nottm Panthers vs Steelers_0257

Panthers number 7 Lachowicz, closes in on the Steelers goal. The Steelers net minder (not the goal keeper apparently, or so I was informed) looks perplexed but ready.

Nottm Panthers vs Steelers_0058

I was really starting to enjoy it! But I need to brush up on the meaning of; icing, sticking, hooking, roughing, and other such terms.

Nottm Panthers vs Steelers_0176

I was beginning to get the hang of it by the 3rd period (3 periods per game) and actually started getting the puck (the thing they whack around the ice) in some of my shots. 🙂

Nottm Panthers vs Steelers_0077

The Panthers had gone 0-2 down in the first period but were the better team for most of the game. They drew level at 2-2 with just a couple of minutes left in the 3rd period (the goal scorer pictured below is a happy bunny).

Nottm Panthers vs Steelers_0335

It was 9:35pm and my car was due to be locked in the car park at 10pm. Which was a 12 minute walk from the stadium. So that worked out fine – the game finished 2-2 and I’d get back to my car in time. But wait……

Nottm Panthers vs Steelers_0039

Sudden Death Overtime was announced. And a penalty shoot out after that if there was no score in overtime. I was in an area between the two team’s benches and couldn’t get out. I was doomed – or at least my car was. It looked like a taxi home for me tonight. 😦

But then…. the Panthers scored in the first few minutes of sudden death…. Hurrah! ….

Nottm Panthers vs Steelers_0342

The crowd went wild. The Panther’s players celebrated the victory (pictured below – this is not a fight).

Nottm Panthers vs Steelers_0343

I checked my watch – it was 9:45pm…I hurdled the team bench barrier and ran for it. I got to the car park at 9:59pm as they were pulling down the shutters. Phew. 🙂

The Panther’s beat their Sheffield rivals in overtime and I get to my car in time. A win, win evening! 🙂

Nottm Panthers vs Steelers_0010

I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. The packaging of the game was awesome and the atmosphere was overwhelming. A spectacular 3 hours of entertainment. I shall be back – if they’ll have me. 🙂

(c) Drew Smith Photography.


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