Mellish Rugby Football Club vs Kesteven RFC   Leave a comment

I was at a loose end this Saturday, so decided to pay a visit to the Mellish Rugby Club who were playing at home against Kesteven RFC.

It was really more to keep my hand in and see how the Canon 1D MK4 handled really bad light.

Here’s the game in words and pictures:

It was a hellish day for Mellish who took a caning from Kesteven RFC, especially in the second half.

Mellish RUFC vs Kesteven RUFC_0006

The fitter and stronger looking KRFC proved hard to pull down.

Mellish RUFC vs Kesteven RUFC_0043

And began to run up the score.

Mellish RUFC vs Kesteven RUFC_0015

And with the light starting to really fade I was shooting at 12,600 ISO.

Mellish RUFC vs Kesteven RUFC_0018

But the 1D seemed to be handling it okay.

Mellish RUFC vs Kesteven RUFC_0019

Although shooting in to the distant gloom it did have trouble locking focus once or twice.

Mellish RUFC vs Kesteven RUFC_0061

Kesteven enjoyed much success down the left flank…

Mellish RUFC vs Kesteven RUFC_0030

and continued to run up the score, with three tries coming in a 5 minute period at one point.

Mellish RUFC vs Kesteven RUFC_0034

Then, as the sun slipped below the horizon the floodlights were turned (very slowly) on…

Mellish RUFC vs Kesteven RUFC_0079

… which at first actually made it seem darker. 🙂

Mellish RUFC vs Kesteven RUFC_0040

Conversions were kicked ….

Mellish RUFC vs Kesteven RUFC_0074

… and differences of opinion were expressed.

Mellish RUFC vs Kesteven RUFC_0024

Eventually the lights began to take effect but it was lights out for Mellish after a brave rally at the end of the game.

Mellish RUFC vs Kesteven RUFC_0093

( c ) Drew Smith Photography


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