The BUAF League with Loughborough Students.   Leave a comment

I’ve had the pleasure of sharing my past two Sundays with the Loughborough Students American Football team who play in the British University American Football league.

When I say ‘share’ I mean I was sideline photographing them – they didn’t all come around to my house for Sunday lunch or anything – that would be crazy.

Here’s the last couple of weekends in words and pictures:

The game starts with a kick off…..

BUAF LS vs Durham_0242

… and if you don’t know the rules then you’ll have to either buy a book, watch Channel 4’s coverage each week, or just get down to a game and learn as you go along.

It was channel 4 that introduced me to American Football back in the 80’s. Back in the days of Joe Montana, Joe Theisman, John Riggins, Lawrence Taylor, Walton Payton … I could go on.

BUAF LS vs Durham_0205

Loughborough Students play in the top tier of the British University League …..

BUAF LS vs Durham_0125

… although having to deal with a 3-4 year roster turnover (because they’re students) they play a very high standard of football all things considered.

BUAF LS vs Durham_0077

So, if you are a fan, get down to give some local support to your local University team …

Loughborough vs Stirling_0041

… and if you are a photographer then these games are great opportunities to get some great sporting shots ….

BUAF Loughborough vs Stirling_0204

…. and the teams are always grateful of the images.

BUAF Loughborough vs Stirling_0178

I look forward to seeing you there….

Loughborough vs Stirling_0040… on the sidelines.

(c) Drew Smith Photography


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