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When England stepped onto the pitch for the start of the match the 45,000 strong crowd lifted the roof off Wembley Stadium with their fanatical cheers!

Unfortunately the England performance gave them precious little to cheer once the game kicked-off.

Here’s the historic game in words and pictures:

The support for England was deafening as the two teams walked onto the pitch.

DL8D6046_0220The little cuties were advertising the ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’ campaign.

Transport work being carried out on the Underground meant that the huge crowd would have been bigger but for being capped at 55,000. But the massive throng that were there were in a party mood and ready to enthusiastically cheer absolutely anything vaguely English.

1L0A6832_0019A novelty sized England flag is passed across the crowd behind the goal. It was cheered enthusiastically.

The game was carried live on BBC2 on Sunday afternoon.

DL8D6676_0515I want one of these for Christmas please.

Anyhoo… on with the game; Birmingham striker Karen Carney celebrated her 100th cap for England and there was a frenetic opening with the home side dispossessing Germany from the kick-off, leading to….

DL8D6662_0509…  Jordan Nobbs bringing a save for the Germany goalkeeper who deflected her shot onto the crossbar after just eight seconds.

The crowd went berserk.

DL8D6754_0534All 45,618 of them. There was 1 Germany supporter in the Stadium.

And the millions watching at home must have thought history was about to be written.

1L0A6938_0051But alas before the England team could be swept to victory on the crest of the ear-splitting  cacophony Germany silenced the crowd.

Winning a corner, Germany whipped the ball into the near post where England’s number 2 Alex Scott headed the ball past her own keeper under pressure from Germany’s Simone Laudehr.

DL8D6104_0248Germany go a goal up.


And celebrate to the boos of the England supporters.

When one concedes a goal in such a rarefied atmosphere one needs to take a deep breath and batten down the hatches and just ensure things get no worse for a few minutes. Sadly Germany, now purring like a well oiled Mercedes Benz, slipped into 5 gear and doubled their lead just 4 minutes later.

An errant back pass evaded Steph Houghton’s outstretched leg and Frankfurt striker Sasic latched onto it and ran 40 yards unchallenged into the England box…

DL8D6161_0273…. she finished her solo run with aplomb through a tangle of defender’s legs to bag her 55th international goal.

At 0-2 down to the reigning European Champions after just 12 minutes there was a real danger of the game turning into an embarrassing rout.

DL8D6169_0278With this in mind the England number 4 Fara Williams appealed for calm and got the girls in a huddle to try and restore some kind of order and self-belief.

This seemed to have the desired effect with England enjoying a period of pressure during spells of the first half and more importantly defending with some kind of organisation.

1L0A6976_0061Aluko offered herself as a willing outlet throughout the game.

DL8D6576_0480But was seldom able to throw off her close marker.

England began to make some headway…

DL8D6187_0289… and tested Keeper Schult.

1L0A6928_0046 Alex Scott gets down the line and whips one in.

1L0A6932_0047Although for all the pressure the Germany keeper didn’t seem too concerned, until towards the end of the half when she caught a ball then seemed to step back over her goal line. ..

DL8D6335_0347…. Knobbs appeals to the lineswomen, who isn’t interested…

Then Knobbs appeals to….

DL8D6338_0348… to me! I immediately gave a goal to England which should have made it 1-2 but I apparently didn’t have the ‘authority’ to do that. Tsk.

The game flashed by for me as I tried desperately to photograph around the lineswoman and suddenly we were in the 45th minute of the first half.

1L0A7146_0151(note to self: don’t position yourself at the point the defense hold their line.)

So with thoughts of half-time tea and biscuits entering our collective minds Germany decided to crush what life was left in us by scoring a third goal.

A break down the right flank for Germany saw Tabea Kemme provide a pinpoint cross for Sasic to score with her head from close range.

DL8D6458_0410England go 0-3 down as Germany become the soggy biscuit in England’s half-time cup of tea.

It was a soul destroying end to the half. The crowd were there to give the team every ounce of their support and were desperate to cheer the girls on to a win but the first half display simply provided England Manager Mark Sampson with a clear demonstration of the gulf that still exists between being a good footballing side and a great one.

So, with everybody’s chin on their chests and hearts in their boots, what could possibly cheer us up at the interval?

Racing Mascots that’s what! 🙂

1L0A6991_0071And look who we have here! Miss Magpie. COYP! And an evil looking fox thingy. Who’s mascot is that?

They waved to the crowd and lined up for the big race across the width of the pitch.

1L0A7012_0090Ready, Steady, GO!

Miss Magpie flew into an immediate lead.

1L0A7017_0097But disastrously started celebrating her victory before the end of the race!

1L0A7024_0100And was pipped at the post by the fox thingy who, unsportingly, dipped for the line. Boo.

Further half-time excitement was provided by Pies Jess Clarke and Carly Telford. I upped camp and trotted off down the side-line to photograph them.

DL8D6520_0449Carly ‘safe hands’ Telford on the hallowed turf.

DL8D6532_0456Jess Clarke – gets on the pitch but alas not when it might have made a difference.

DL8D6486_0436Telford dazzles.

DL8D6528_0454This the look you get when you bellow ‘JESSSSE’ at the top of your voice to be heard over 45,000 fans.

Back to the game then and the second half. What can I tell you? I’d like to tell you that England upped their game….

DL8D6352_0360and should have won, but we flattered to deceive in our work rate…

1L0A6984_0065… and never really came close to matching the German’s sleek style of play.

1L0A7155_0155And one couldn’t help getting the impression that Germany had taken their foot off the pedal somewhat….

DL8D6737_0533… whilst we never really got our foot on it!


England manager Mark Sampson told BBC Two: “It was obviously a disappointing result.

“I think we learned some very valuable lessons today in terms of the clinical German finishing and speed of the counter attack.

“I have to applaud the team, the spirit and character they showed in the second half. You have to remember we have six months before the World Cup.”

England captain Karen Carney, on her 100th cap, told BBC Two: “It was not what we wanted, but we have six months to get it right now. If someone said get it right now or in six months we would take it in six months. They are a strong team.

“We were a bit naive in the first half, mainly in the first 20 minutes. We have to be better, go away and come back, fitter, faster and stronger.”

(C) Drew Smith Photography


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  1. Great photos any chance getting them?


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