Rustic Wollaton Park on a lazy Sunday morning.   Leave a comment

I aborted a planned Saturday morning at Wollaton Park in Nottingham due to being a) too bone idle to get out of a warm bed and b) torrential rain falling from the skies outside. Personally I think they are both compelling reasons to delay an early morning sojourn to one of Nottingham’s deer parks until the sunny blue sky Sunday morning of the following day.

And this Sunday morning was warm (for November), still and beautifully sunny. I took a lazy stroll with a Canon 400mm f2.8 slung over my shoulder on a monopod. Here’s the stroll in words and pictures:

This is a part of Wollaton Hall shot from the back-side.

DL8D5263_0003 The heating bill must be through the roof.

I met this fellow as I kicked my way through the autumnal carpet of fallen leaves.

DL8D5541_0072He was one of many grey squirrels engaged in pre-winter feasting on the fallen chestnuts and beechnuts.

It’s not until you see them in their natural surroundings like this that you realise how wonderful their camouflage is:

DL8D5589_0095 If you squint at this picture he almost disappears. Or maybe that’s just my eyes! 🙂

The early morning sun was gently warming the park …

DL8D5271_0006… causing steam to rise from the wooden benches.

It was a rather beautiful morning.

DL8D5273_0007One of the great things about photography is that you get to see the world wearing it’s vast array of seasonal clothing.

The deer were conspicuous by their total absence. At least that is they were absent from their usual feeding grounds. I actually had to go looking for them…

DL8D5428_0035… they’d taken refuge in the numerous ‘conservation’ areas.

And it was rather wonderful to have to peer into the woodland from a distance and wait for a shot.

DL8D5316_0014Dad whispers advice to one of this year’s fawns.

The park is a great place to exercise the dogs, cycle, walk and run.

DL8D5284_0010‘Girl on a mission’ – I’m sure she wasn’t totally oblivious to her beautiful surroundings.

A great many of the deer up in the woodlands were basking in the sunshine…

DL8D5418_0032… but this little fellow was keeping an eye on me.

And this is the way to get a free valeting in the morning; …

DL8D5459_0047… this helpful Magpie was ‘de-bugging’ the deer by pecking out the various ticks the deer pick up.

After a while I wandered back to the car park, once again walking up one of the tree lines where I found a warm spot to stand and watch the squirrels chasing each other through the leaves.

DL8D5565_0084 A grey squirrel stocking up for winter.

And here was the last shot I took before packing up…

DL8D5580_0093this little guy swung his head around the tree to say hello whilst I had the camera and lens over my shoulder….. so, believe it or not, this was taken with the 400mm hand held. A feat which is possible for all of about 10 seconds before your arms fall off. 🙂

And as some of you that subscribe to my Blog have asked for the camera specs/settings from my shots, here they are:

all of the pics in this post were taken with the Canon 1D MKIV with the Canon EF 400mm IS f2.8 lens attached. Camera was in AV mode with a minimum shutter speed of 1/1000th and an aperture of f2.8. ISO was on automatic so a variable ISO but usually around 640-1200.

(C) Drew Smith Photography.


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