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The British Rowing Senior Championships were held at Nottingham Water Sports Centre at the weekend. It saw international oarsmen representing their clubs at a national regatta. It’s an exhausting mix of new talent and top rowers racing for their clubs. The Senior Championships, now a major focus of the GB regatta calendar, gives competitors, coaches and spectators an event they can really enjoy.

Here’s the weekend in words and pictures:

1L0A5380_0972Early start on Saturday morning and the weather was overcast, blustery but warm.

1L0A5930_1456The crews were out to warm up and stretch…

1L0A6125_1518… boats were prepped and nuts were tightened…

1L0A6128_1520.. and the crews hit the water for two days of exciting racing – against the clock and against each other.

1L0A5981_1475Saturday morning’s time trails determined places for the semi-finals.


Hands were shook and backs were patted as the day’s trials separated the chaff from the wheat.



Until the semi’s progressed to the finals and the first day’s medal places were awarded.

1L0A5766_1226Everybody was happy….

1L0A5773_1228… some more than others….

1L0A5573_1081…. even Gino had a smile (well almost)

1L0A5804_1257And Heroes were born!

1L0A5785_1239Sunday the weather took a turn for the worst with the wind quickening and gaining strength as the day went on…


The choppy water made everything soggy….


… giving competitors pause for thought…

1L0A6052_1504.. but it didn’t dampen the spirit..

DL8D2556_0520… just the occasional rower as they tipped the boats…

British Rowing Seniors 2104_1341… and were rewarded with a refreshing shower.

British Rowing Seniors 2104_1384But eventually as the morning turned to afternoon and the wind turned to gales the official had no choice but to cancelled the rest of the day’s competition and award places based on the morning’s time trials…

1L0A6245_1576Not the most satisfying way to end the regatta …

British Rowing Seniors 2104_1418.. but probably the fairest and safest way…

DL8D2943_0637Crews raced off to get packed up for the trip home…

1L0A6437_1621.. and the organised chaos began…

1L0A4864_0749…. as derigging and the big clear up started.British Rowing Seniors 2104_1430The wind had got the better of everybody…

1L0A6193_1551.. it must have been something we’d eaten…


British Rowing Seniors 2104_1416The awards ceremony took place in front of the main building at the finish line…



And just when I thought it was all over I found one of the clubs in the warm-up tent with 15 or so of their team on the concept II rowers. …

1L0A6418_1614… slugging it out, and encouraged by coaches and coxswains, to see who could be the fastest rower without actually going anywhere!

And finally finally I’d like to thank British Rowing for their hospitality and friendliness during the two days. 🙂

(C) Drew Smith Photography.


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