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I run a number of photographic courses in my spare time (that’s a lie – I have no spare time anymore) which I enjoy immensely. Each module of the 10 module course is predominately ‘hands on’ and out in the field using the camera for most of the lesson.

Last week I had the opportunity to take one of my students to the Flintham Show (and Plowing Match) for one of the modules. I’d like to take the opportunity of showcasing her fabulous work in pictures and words here:

The Flintham Show is basically a agricultural show that features livestock, big farm machinery and plowing competitions using tractors and horses. So I asked Carol to shoot in Manual mode and gather a number of images that reflected the flavour of the day.

IMG_9243 as Smart Object-1800

An accurately exposed picture, sharp and full of subtle colour, that has human interest and showcases what the day was about. I kinda like the jaunty angle too.


Judging livestock was a big feature of the day and here Carol was asked to get a picture (for a mythical publication of which I’m the Editor) featuring livestock being judged. Carol met the brief perfectly.


Maybe a picture only a woman could capture 🙂 I think this is beautiful. Carol deliberately chose a shallow depth of field (f1.8 on a 50mm lens I think) to give a wonderful soft blur to the background whilst being spot on with the focus on the butterfly. Her composition is compelling too, with the main subject being up in a (rule of thirds) compositional hot spot.


Dogs abound at gatherings like these and Carol snapped (pardon the pun) this shot of this little chap. Notice how she got down to the dog’s eye level and was quick enough and confident enough in her camera settings to instantly take this shot at just the moment the dog jumped up it’s owner’s leg.


More use of the shallow depth of field with a great diagonal composition. The flower display in focus with the background out of focus but still clear enough to put the flowers in context; i.e. part of the overall show and being viewed by the public.


This kind of shot is a challenge for Carol, she’s not at ease with ‘street photography’; basically taking pictures of people in public. She rose to the challenge though and said afterwards that she was pleased with her development in that genre. Again, notice the eye level and the deliberate jaunty angle that gives extra energy to the shot. I think I might have asked carol to move to her right a little for a second go at this so that the child’s face was a little fuller in the frame.


Here’s a beautiful image and one I know Carol was keen to try and get during the day. Two wonderful plow horses in the plowing competition.  This is the shot in colour and awaiting further work in post processing for which Carol used Photoshop CS6 but fundamentally just the Camera Raw conversion software, which is a very powerful tool.


Having captured the shot she converted it to Black & White which I think works well for this image.


And to add the final touch she worked at the overall composition to maximise the full visual effect by cropping the image slightly to remove any distractions, like the dark earth bottom right (which took the eye away from the main subject) and the extra bushes to the far left of the image but still leaving enough space for the horses to move into. And to frame the picture nicely she has left the bending tree on the right  behind the horses.

Great job Carol. 🙂

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