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The Club Relay started back in 1991 and this event has become legendary; there is truly nothing else like it on the calendar. In 1991 it started with just 120 competitors and in 2012 over 2000 lucky athletes joined in the organised chaos of the Club Relays.

The whole weekend of fun at the NWSC in Nottingham, organised by One Step Beyond Promotions, is triathlon’s answer to the Glastonbury Music Festival. Over the years it’s had Olympians and World Champions taking part but this weekend was also about the apres triathlon; where else can you find close to 1000 triathletes all camping and partying together?

Here the weekend in words and pictures:

1L0A8472_0145The Club Relays revolves around teams of 4 using a tagging format where everyone swims, everyone bikes and everyone runs in a race that looks like a mixture between competition and chaos. The event starts with a 500m swim.

Then a 15km bike section.

1L0A8516_0172Ms Sharpe has time (and the strength) to smile.


Are those socks he’s wearing?

1L0A8594_0243The bike transition is usually the most tricky!

ZeroD Club Triathlon panning cycleThe whole race is contained within the NWSC complex which is great for competitors, spectators and photographers alike.

1L0A8769_0287 The bike transition to other team members takes place at the straw bale barrier where the elastic band has to be transferred to the team mate’s wrist – shown here.

1L0A8790_0299 I’m pretty sure this competitors was in the original ‘Alien’ movie!

1L0A8923_0366Other competitors couldn’t wait for their team mate to get to the front!

1L0A9048_0415She’s glad that bit is over….

1L0A8956_0379Cambridge Triathlon Club looking serious.

1L0A8979_0391This is the bike to bike transition where competitors dump their bike hand over the wrist band and then have to reclaim their bike.

1L0A9092_0432 And try not to leave without it.

1L0A9015_0407Forgetting is bad.

The run is 5km. Any four triathletes can get together and make up a team and race in one of the range of team categories available.

1L0A9178_0586Then comes the run transition. The ‘Box’ marked on the grass in orange indicates where competitors need to pass on the wrist band.

1L0A9398_0722High5 were present to offer sustenance during the race.

ZeroD Club Triathlon Lucy Gossage team finish 01This is the winning team and features Gossage, Vickery, Walker and Sharpe plus kidnapped child.


ZeroD Club Triathlon Lucy Gossage Podium 01

(C) Drew Smith Photography


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