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Yet another top class event being held by the NWSC in Nottingham today. Which took me by surprise. I swung (or is it swang) in there this afternoon to get my press pass for the weekend and the Club Relay Team Triathlon and lo and behold the International Junior Triathlon event was in full swing! So I pulled my camera out of the car and snapped a few pics.

Here’s my afternoon in words and pictures:


Triathlons are made up of swimming, cycling and running. This is the swimming bit (see, I’m an expert) and the competitors are coming under starters orders…..


… which kinda consisted of ‘Ready…’ at which point everybody dove (or is it dived) in, saving the starter the trouble of saying ‘Go!’….


… I don’t think he’d have ever got them back for a false start anyway……


… it’s very difficult to hear anything…..


… once in the water….


… and by the time they’ve clambered out….. they’ve got water in their ears… and pretty much everywhere else too!


Then it’s in to the transition and on to the bikes….


… and a quick change of gender (have you been paying attention?). This is a panning shot, dragging the shutter. Easier to do with a hand held lens as opposed to a 400mm f2.8 on a monopod – I think I may have broken my wrist.


And then the running bit followed.


And it rained on and off all afternoon.

So, all good stuff and a nice warm-up for this weekend.

(C) Drew Smith Photography





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