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GB Rowing held their second Sculling Festival at the National Water Sports Centre this weekend (16th/17th August 2014). The Sculling Festival is a national event and is open to any registered member of a club affiliated to any Great Britain rowing body.

The Festival is aimed at anyone looking to improve their skills in a single scull and with the drive and ambition to continue Great Britain’s position as the top rowing nation in the world. As well as the main event, the weekend offered a Beginners’ event for those genuinely in their first year of the sport, with races generally being run over a shorter distance. Participation over the 2 days of competition also included a barbecue on the evening of Saturday 16 August.

But what was really a joy to behold from a photographer’s point of view was so many happy competitors involved in not just racing but also in a series of Skills & Maneuverability tests! These involved standing up in a rowing boat no deeper than a saucer and turning around 360 degrees! A tremendous amount of fun – for those watching as well as those taking part.

Thanks once again to British Rowing for the friendliness and hospitality they extended to me. More pictures can be found here:

Here’s a link to the British Rowing site’s report on the event (with my pics – hurrah!):

Here’s the event in words and pictures:

Skulling Gala_1359 (1)

There was normal rowing too of course – with lost of races taking place on Saturday and Sunday…..

Skulling Gala_1290 (1)

Skill come be tested by doing such things as 360 standing turns! Shown being accomplished here with aplomb! But …. there was also a tremendous amount of opportunity to fall in.

Skulling Gala_1097

Which some people (this is Tim) grasped with both hands……

Skulling Gala_1099 (1)

And threw themselves into it with great abandon.

Skulling Gala Tim

Nice one Tim!


This was strenuous just to watch!


But everybody seemed to enjoy the challenge.

Skulling Gala_0868

Even though they were under constant scrutiny from the judges and officials.

Skulling Gala_0526

Unfortunately for this competitor stylishly hoinking your boat back and forth on dry land wasn’t one of the official events.

Skulling Gala_0247 (1)

And nobody needed to be told to pull their socks up!


And there was always a helping hand ready to assist.

(C) Copyright Drew Smith Photography


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