Brad Pitt paddles at National Water Sports Center   Leave a comment

Well okay, but for a moment I thought I was in the presence of the legendary star of film and stage, Brad Pitt. However, this guy was way cooler – do you see his floatation aid – it’s Pacman! And not only is it Pacman but the center character on the life vest is Star Wars’ Boba Fett! Seriously nerdy cool!

Sat 2nd Aug 08

Wait… here’s a better picture of the Pacman vest:

Sat 2nd Aug 10

And today was also a day for celebration for me as I finally got to see my two new acquisitions at their optimal operational settings. I’d recently purchased a used Canon 400mm f2.8 – a huge beast of a lens and it was  producing images as soft as a baby’s bottom. I was pulling my hair out. I was on the verge of sending it to Canon service department for alignment when I suddenly thought of seeing if AF Micro Adjustment in-camera might help. And hey presto after an hour or so of fannying about I managed to get it spot on. So now not only does it crush the backgrounds but produces sharp images too.

My other acquisition was a used Canon 1D Mk IV. I invested time working through Canon’s 13 part Youtube operational settings video and it now is hot to trot. Combined with the 400mm f2.8 it’s producing some wonderfully satisfying images.

Sat 2nd Aug 09

Brad looking determined to shine.

Sat 2nd Aug 11

I don’t think this is Michell Blades.

Sat 2nd Aug 07

This is the boyfriend of the legendary Sally Montgomery! He instructed me to continue embarrassing Sally at every opportunity. Consider it done.

Sat 2nd Aug 06

More Brad with the focus from the Big ol’ L lens resolving individual eyelashes when zoomed in.

Sat 2nd Aug 01

‘Tuna’ – it’s good for you!

(C) Drew Smith Photography


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