The Outlaw Triathlon 2014   Leave a comment

Growing in popularity every year, the 2014 Outlaw Triathlon held at the National Water Sport Center in Nottingham, saw the biggest crowds ever this year.

The race is a 2.5 mile swim followed by a 112 mile bike race and finishes by testing competitors with a full Marathon. It was an incredible days entertainment for the record crowds and the event organisers One Step Beyond put on a brilliant show again and event sponsors featured High5, Erdinger, Buff and BlueSeventy.

Here’s the event in words and pictures:

Team Helpers One Step Beyond 02

First off a HUGE thanks has to go to all the Event Crew volunteers that made the show possible. This is Jennie and Angie (not sure which is which). I was waiting for the bike race to reenter the transition from the road and was about 30 minutes too early so I got the girls to go through a little posing routine whilst I snapped away. Thanks girls. 🙂

Sally super star

And this is the legendary Sally Montgomery – all round great person and international kayaker. She, along with many other paddlers, was part of the safety flotilla for the swim sections.


I was lucky enough to get a spot on the media boat that followed the lead athletes in the swim on Sunday. I had to get up at 4am to be on it as the race started at 6am but it was well worth it and great fun trying not to fall in or accidentally knock one of the camera crew in.

Pink rainbow swim

And just to rewind a little this is a shot from the previous day – they had the BIG Swim event and also allowed the Sunday triathletes practice the swim start for Sunday.


Exiting the Big Swim on Sunday. What do you mean ‘Product Placement!’? 🙂


The transition area was always a fun place to hang out.

Z3 ZEROD leg

Arty farty shot of the Outlaw swim exits.

Winner in shower

This is Craig Twigg taking a quick shower en route to winning the event.

Girls face

And here’s somebody that didn’t win, but had a great time not doing so. I love the look on the little girl’s face. 🙂

Jenny Bosman winner of the Womens Outlaw Triathlon

Jenny Bosman won the women’s race. Here she is kidnapping two children from the crowd.

Winners celebs 02

The celebration started out sensibly until Twigg accidentally spilled a drop of Edinger on his fellow competitor ………

Winners celebs 010

….. who’s retaliation was completely disproportionate. 🙂

(C) Drew Smith Photography


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