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The British Rowing National Junior Championships were held at the National Water Sports Center in Nottingham this weekend. I had the privilege of photographing the event on a very wet Saturday and a beautifully sunny Sunday.

The hospitality I was extended by Edward Lloyd Rees and his team was humbling – I was even bought a Crunchie bar for helping out with one of the flag stands. 🙂 Perks of the job. 

Also humbling was the commitment and the effort demonstrated by the junior competitors – at times it was too much and crossing the Finish line often resulted in an outpouring of emotion.

Here is the events in words and pictures:

Saturday provided plenty of wind for flying the Championship flags as the first series of races started at 8am in the morning. I’d actually driven down to the start at 7:30am and set up my equipment only to find that the start line for the time trials that day were some 400 meters further up the course. Ho hum – pack up and relocate. 🙂


Flying the flag. I helped with the bases for these and earned myself a Crunchie bar from Sue. 🙂


The various categories of time trials began and I was shooting at the Finish line which was full of emotion as the racers crossed the line.


The pain…..


… and exhaustion….


… were sometimes too much.


Whilst others seemed able to keep their emotions in check.


Even if they were physically drained.

Rain 1L0A5682_0287

The rain continued to rain for most of the day. At one point the downpour was so heavy the racing had to be temporarily halted. I was bravely hiding in my car.


A number of the schools had pitched tent for the duration and one or two had even set up kitchen for their hungry teams of competitors.


Give us a wave Monmouth!


Lots of prep and then the moment of truth….


… out on the water it was time to put everything in to practice…


… and leave nothing out on the lake….


… with everybody pulling in the same direction.

Girls with boat overhead_1

Strength, elegance and balance all on show in this testing sport.


Congratulation to all of those taking part, both the winners and losers.

(C) Copyright Drew Smith Photography




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