Bad habits and obliterated backgrounds!   Leave a comment

Why is it so easy to get in to bad habits, but more challenging to get in to good habits? Who knows!

I caught myself just in time last night as I was about to habitually pull up alongside the water sports ‘white water’ course where I tend to hang out when I have an itchy shutter finger. As I pulled up in the car but before I’d turned off the ignition I suddenly realised that I keep shooting on the same stretch of water and this had become a habit. Time for a change.

I put the car back in gear and drove over to the 2km Regatta Lake where a group of enthusiastic mixed ability racers where setting out on the water for a 31/2 lap handicap race just as an earlier group of individual racers were coming back in.

Here are the pics:


‘Come in number 113 – your time is up!’ If I say so myself I love the compression on the background detail in this shot.


Okay, forget the skill in sculling; how on earth does this antipodean balance on that thin little boat?


Those going out for the race set off with different time handicaps but soon those at the back become those at the front.


Left turn without a steering wheel. And in case you were wondering there are TWO boats here. It’s not a ‘bendy-bus’ adaptation.


Some people showed the strain of concentration in their faces……


… and others, not so much. 🙂

(c) Copyright Drew Smith Photography


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