The Lake District (again)   Leave a comment

We had such a wonderful time photographing red squirrels in March of this year in the lake district that we returned again at the end of June for a long weekend. Here are some pictures of the surrounding countryside and some of the local wildlife too.

Honister Pass

The Honister Pass is a mountain pass in the English Lake District. It is located on the B5289 road, linking Seatoller, in the valley of Borrowdale, to Gatesgarth at the southern end of Buttermere.

honister pass 02

Also Honister Pass looking back towards the road heading out to Gatesgarth.

honister pass 01

lake boat

A beautiful trout lake named Watendlath Tarn at the end of a small hill road that rises up above the Derwent lake.


A view down the road that runs out of Borrowdale (or maybe runs into Borrowdale – I’ve a crappy sense of direction).

seagull 01

One of the gulls over the Derwent water – I’ll hazard a guess that this is a Black Headed gull.

dragonfly large brown

More Dragonflies of course – I’m pretty sure this is a CHASER. And most probably a Four Spotted Chaser. Habitats include moorland bogs, canals and slow-moving streams. 

dragonfly lunch 02

This is a Common Blue Damselfly (possibly a female due to the lighter blue colouration) lunching on an unfortunate fly.

dragonfly mouth

And this is the Large Red Damselfly. Hmm, I really must get a Macro lens.

stoat 01

And finally… this fellow – a Stoat – popped out on the river bank whilst I was sitting quietly. He heard my shutter go and promptly stopped to stare at me. We sat like that for some time and then……

stoat 02

….. he turned tail and headed off back under the tree from where he’d come.





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