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Ah, what a fantastic day! This Saturday (21st June) saw the X Runner Xtreme Wipeout Race at The National Water Sports Center here in Nottingham. If you don’t know about this event then make sure you catch the next one on their schedule or at least the 2015 event here in Nottingham. And if you don’t take part then come as a spectator – the fun is pretty much guaranteed.

Here’ a bit of a shout out for the organisers and my new bestest friend organiser Samantha Black: X-Runner is the UK’s No1 adventure sport specialists, providing the ultimate challenge in a new era of adventure sport. Four new extreme obstacle races and mud runs for 2014, its muddy good fun – they say and they’re not wrong! This is not your average trail run, this is the ultimate adventure playground.

Here is the day in words and pictures:

I’ve got to start with this picture because these guys, apart from being crazy, exactly exemplify the spirit of the X Runner events and this particular day at the National Water Sports Center.

XRunner Wipeout 2014 Friend 0888 0887 0886 close

More of these guys later!

The runners set off in half hour slots the first runners going out at 9am in the morning with the last group heading off later in the afternoon. There was an option to run either 5km (one lap) or a 10km run (two laps of the course). Each of the many obstacles had to be tackled in certain ways but all the obstacles were optional – which was a nice touch and very much in keeping with the ethos of the organizers and the event.

XRunner Wipeout 2014 Announcer

Before each group began the race they were given a Health & Safety brief and warmed up by the resident professional personal trainer (Miss ‘Too Cool for School’ – see later).

XRunner Wipeout 2014 Leaping Wallies

Team ‘Where’s Wally?’ go through pre-Race warm-up – first exercise: Levitation! Looking good girls.

XRunner Wipeout 2014 The X Girl

The warm-up even included some subliminal marketing by Samantha Black of the ‘X’ brand. Cross my heart it did!

And here’s Miss ‘Too Cool for School’ – leading the warm-ups.

XRunner Wipeout 2014 Too cool 4 School

Before the races began there was a lot of milling about to be done, not to mention wandering through the ‘Village’ eying up the merchandise on sale.

XRunner Wipeout 2014 1593 + friends

Notice how clean everybody is. How beautiful their hair looks. Oh and number 1593 won the Drew Smith Photography ‘Best Abdominals’ award.

XRunner Wipeout 2014 1734

“Excuse me Miss which way do I go to get totally covered in mud, wet and exhausted?”

“Ah, you’ll be wanting the Start line over there Sir.”

And to prove it was also a family event…..

XRunner Wipeout 2014XRunner Wipeout 2014 0400 family

… meet the family (not mine… theirs.. obviously.).

And they’re off! I do believe that the first two races were ‘competitive’ with placing and all that kind of thing.

Wipeout 2014 9am Start

And off go the first group of people eager to get covered in mud and soaking wet.

The course obstacles included walls, cargo nets and frames to climb over, tyres to climb through and step in and water to either swim, wade or paddle through, and occasionally to fall into!

First the things you had to climb over:

XRunner Wipeout 2014 2048 over wall

An early obstacle indicated by the competitor still looking remarkably clean.

XRunner Wipeout 2014 1235 wall 03

The sky is the limit! Notice the thin knotted rope offering the smallest of assistance in getting over this wall.

XRunner Wipeout 2014 0167 crop

‘Who me?’ She seems somewhat surprised I was taking her photo. Good advert though huh?

XRunner Wipeout 2014 2107 roll

And of course in such an eclectic field of runners there were many extroverts and exhibitionist entertaining us all day!

XRunner Wipeout 2014 slippery wall

The slippery slope! Hard enough to do when relatively fresh – try doing this when you’ve run 8km of a 10km obstacle course!

As well as the walls of different kinds there was also a cargo net or two that had to be surmounted.

XRunner Wipeout 2014 the Net 02

Cargo net defeated? Check! Number still on vest? Check! Lipstick still on lips? Check! Then we’re good to go.

XRunner Wipeout 2014 the Net 01

The Water Obstacle!

Always fun to camp out with your camera at the Water in any sporting event!

Here are our 3 friends the enthusiastic lunatics again tackling this obstacle.

  XRunner Wipeout 2014 Friend 0888 0887 0886

I knew I could expect something special and they didn’t disappoint!

XRunner Wipeout 2014 Jump 0888

Number 0888 full of awesomeness and duck weed!

Most other people took a more considered approach!

XRunner Wipeout 2014 1922 hand on bank

But often with similar results.

XRunner Wipeout 2014 2308 fall water

Contrasting attitudes seem evident on the faces of these two.

XRunner Wipeout 2014 0349

VICTORY! Yup – just finishing was an achievement – but the overwhelming feeling of the day was that everybody was here to have fun!

XRunner Wipeout 2014 1138 arms up

And to enjoy themselves.

XRunner Wipeout 2014 1824 water

Then there were things to crawl under!

XRunner Wipeout 2014 injury thumbs up

Gotta love that sign… and this competitor’s attitude.

XRunner Wipeout 2014 Mr no shirt 02

Now this is how NOT to wear a number!

XRunner Wipeout 2014 Muddy Tyres

A little good natured argy-bargy over which tyre belongs to whom.

XRunner Wipeout 2014 brunette under cargo

Muddy, wet, tired … but DAYUM I’m still looking good!

XRunner Wipeout 2014 1850 in tyres

Whaa-hey! Now that’s doing it with style! A kind of a Cockney ‘knees up’ – we just need for him to put his thumbs under his lapels now.

XRunner Wipeout 2014 pretty blonde female

Have you ever seen those people that can swim 20 lengths of your local pool and never get their hair wet? Well this is the X Runner equivalent.

XRunner Wipeout 2014 No number

Hope that watch is mud-proof.

XRunner Wipeout 2014 Muddies guy

Embrace the mud – be at one with the mud! And amazingly this man ran the whole course twice with both these tyres strapped to his feet.

XRunner Wipeout 2014 Blonde female

Mud. Nothing quite like it for soothing the blood.

XRunner Wipeout 2014 Wallies in the Mud

Where’s Wally? THERE’S Wally!!

The ‘Where’s Wally?’ team successfully negotiate the mud obstacle with most of the hats still intact.

XRunner Wipeout 2014 Tyres

And lastly a ‘going through’ moment – a stylish forward roll got this competitor through.

The organisers had thoughtfully put the Finish Line at the top of a rather steep hill. Here are some of those that made it and were still smiling at the end.

XRunner Wipeout 2014 Finish hi 5

High Five!

XRunner Wipeout 2014 1138 finish

Just glad to … finish it!

XRunner Wipeout 2014 0888 finish

“Can I go around again?”

XRunner Wipeout 2014 0416 0417 finish

I don’t think they actually know each other!!

XRunner Wipeout 2014 male couple finish

We wanna finish ….. TOGETHER!

And then there was the completion ceremony of getting a medal hung around ya neck and a goody bag worth a few bob (NB. goody bag not hung around neck.)

Wipeout 2014 1031 finish

This man is in shock!

XRunner Wipeout 2014 2308 medal

X marks the spot!

XRunner Wipeout 2014 The Ninjas Finish

The ‘Ninjas’ with their medals being worn with ninja-esque stealth.

XRunner Wipeout 2014 0812 0813 Finish

See, what I’m wondering here is how she got all the way around, possibly twice, and didn’t lose that moustache?

XRunner Wipeout 2014 Where's Wally after

The Wallies with medals, goody bags and … that totally knackered look on their faces. Well done girls.

XRunner Wipeout 2014 1976 1980 finish

Some kick-ass Girl Power!

XRunner Wipeout 2014 0888 friends finish

And of course, this lot again. What a terrific bunch.

Loads of people ran as a group or as a team for charity – here’s a few:

XRunner Wipeout 2014 Ray of Sunshine runners

The Ray of Sunshine gang.

XRunner Wipeout 2014 Team BBC

Team BBC (I must have a word with them about my TV license.).

XRunner Wipeout 2014 0296 and Team

Team…. erm… forgot to ask.

XRunner Wipeout 2014 team wet wipes

Team ‘Name on T Shirts’… or possibly the ‘Wet Wipes’.

And almost last but not least… a penultimate shot of a little event that made me chuckle…..

XRunner Wipeout 2014 1235 wall 02

…. this very capable athlete stopped for a moment to either get her breath back, enjoy the view, or contemplate what was going to be for supper, when this Obstacle Steward appeared like the Shopkeeper in ‘Mr Ben’, and asked if she needed a ‘leg up’ (‘leg up’ position ably being demonstrated here). I didn’t quite catch what her response was but needless to say the young Steward make a quick exit stage left muttering’ I only asked’. LOL.

And finally…. what many competitors were looking forward too….

XRunner Wipeout 2014 0167 Shower

… a damned good shower!


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