Bingham Town Fair – 700 years old!   Leave a comment

Bingham Town Fair held yesterday had a Medieval theme to celebrate the town’s 700th anniversary. Yes, you read that correctly – 700th anniversary! Bingham was granted a market charter in 1314, meaning it could call itself a town. Hoorah!

So I wandered over there yesterday for a couple of reasons: predominantly to take photos of my Taekwondo Club that was giving a demonstration on the school playing fields (more of that in a later post) but to also see what interesting photo opportunities there might be. Here are the pictures and words:

In the main market square there was a small display in remembrance of those that lost their lives in the 1st World War. A very small display indeed. In a seed box. I’m guessing this has some deep symbolic meaning I’m missing.

First World war 02

Along side this was the rather beautiful ‘Poppy Man’. He’d been to his local GP only the week before complaining of a fungal infection between his toes and then things got out of hand rapidly.

First World war group

Musical folk from the days of yore had been released on the peaceful denizens of Bingham but for the most part no young children were frightened.

Music players

These were later replaced by Morris Dancers! Morris Dancers are something of a Marmite taste aren’t they – you either hate them or run away from them.

Morris Dancers

You’ll notice in the previous picture that the sky is grey and the paving slabs wet – yes, its summer in England. It was a beautiful morning but around 12:45pm the heavens opened and we had a down pouring. Maybe the Morris Dance was to blame, or perhaps it was God’s way of clearing the street whilst they performed. 🙂

And finally my favourite attraction at the Fair – the traditional 700 year old stilt walker. And a brave guy too as the skies threatened thunder and lighting he was still smiling down from his lofty height as one of the closest things to the possible electrical discharge.

Stilt man

‘Wot – me worried?’ Behind the smile is just the faintest tint of apprehension as the skies crackled.


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