Dinosaurs on the river Trent!   Leave a comment

I always liked the theory that the dinosaurs never died out and that they just evolved in to birds.  I’ve often watched the way certain birds walk across the ground and thought how much they looked like the velociraptors from Jurassic park. Well this evening I was feeling shutter finger happy and took my camera out for a walk down to our local river looking for something to snap. And what do you know…. I snuck up on these dinosaurs grazing in the shallows:

If you think these geese look particularly aggressive then I’d agree. These are the wild version and therefore somewhat people shy but the ones that hang around on farms can become very confrontational and ‘attack’. Look at this one ‘eye-balling’ me!

Geese on the Trent_0003

So I went in for a closer look and eye-balled him back. Look at those teeth. And they are teeth I can assure you.

Geese on the Trent_0004

And closer still. It was a stand-off now with both of us growling and curling our lips and beaks back. He rolled his inner eye lid (see pic below) as he prepared to rip me limb from limb.

Geese on the Trent_0002

At that moment one of his friends stepped in (below) with a singular look of contempt and said “Leave it Kevin… he aint worth it!”.

Geese on the Trent_0001


And for aficionados I do believe that the geese are Brecon Buff and or possible Embden geese. I could be wrong – I was too scared to ask them.



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