Spring has officially sprung …. in our backyard!   Leave a comment

Our bird box was occupied by Great Tits this spring. The first time its been used for 5 years or more. Last week they fledged. This involved a lot of stress not just for the parents but for us too!

Dogs had to be kept indoors – they’ve scragged previous chicks when they’ve been on the ground – plus we have roaming neighbours’ cats sneaking around. Here are the pics:

Great Tit fledglings_0076

But first we had fledgling visitors from somewhere else – these two Blue Tit chicks were not long out of the nest. They made base camp high up in the branches of one of our trees. The parent, on the right here, was in terrible condition, as you can see. We’ve no idea why – maybe it was the thought of Student Loans..

Great Tit fledglings_0069

Here’s our guy from our nesting box – a late developer that emerged looking rather confused and bewildered. Not as big or capable as his plump siblings would have been, he came out of the box and only just made the lower branches of a tree. Then his next flight took him lower still in to a bush. Then he ended up in the wood stack (pictured). I spent 3 hrs with him/her making sure nothing predatory got near. As dusk arrived the little fellow had gained some height again and was being fed by it’s parents.

Great Tit fledglings_0004

The following day I found myself nursemaid to a bee! Not the one in the picture – that’s for reference only in case you’re a ‘townie’ and don’t know what a bee looks like.    No, this one was lying on the path. I gave it a nudge with my finger and it staggered along for a few millimeters and then stopped again. Apparently most bees only have 40 minutes flight time when fully fueled. So, Doctor Drew went off and made a sugary mix on a teaspoon and dropped it in front of the ailing bee. Which it gratefully stuck its proboscis in to and supped away for a while. It was cleared for take-off a few minutes later and was last seen entering next door neighbour’s air space.



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