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Not content with topping the WSL (Womens Super League) table and progressing to the semi-final of the Women’s FA Cup, Notts County Ladies thrashed Aston Villa Ladies 5-0 in the Continental Cup (I’ll come back to you later as to why this competition is so named – puzzling me at the moment) last night at Meadow Lane!

Here’s a quick report and lots of pictures in case you missed the match:

County dominated the first half from the start, looking a lot quicker to the ball and on numerous occasions setting Jess Clarke and Dunia Susi free to maul the Villa defense. So it was no surprise when Susi got on the end of a cross unchallenged to head home Nott’s first of five goal just minutes in to the game.

Dunia Susi heads in Notts opener Notts vs Aston Villa

Dunia Susi heads home from close range and went on to terrorise the Villa defense for most of the evening.

Dunia Susi celebrates Notts opener Notts vs Aston Villa

The ladies celebrate Susi’s goal who is either sending 21 Roberts off or acknowledging the excellent cross from Jess Clarke that created the first goal.

From that moment on the writing seemed on the wall for Aston Villa Ladies. With Notts switching play at will and sliding passes down the channels left and right the Villa back four were under continual pressure and it wasn’t long before they conceded their second goal in the shape of a Jess Clarke side foot.

Jess Clarke 2nd goal Notts vs Aston Villa

Jess Clarke rampaged all evening and slots home her first of two goals. There were more celebration after this goal but see the celebration pic above for reference each time you look at a goal being scored, they all looked the same. In fact somebody should have a word with the girls about these goal celebrations – I need some more entertaining stuff to shoot. : )

Caitlin Friend added a third goal for Notts (her first for the club I believe) as Notts continued to pull the Aston Villa defense apart. Their only respite being an attack on the Notts goal that saw the ball cannon off the outside of the post with the Notts keeper, Carly Telford, rooted to the spot.

Dunia Susi terrorises Notts vs Aston Villa

Susi was a continual thorn in Villa’s side as she showed her wonderful athletic ball control and quick feet.

Throw in  Notts vs Aston Villa

O’Neil takes a throw for County in front of the gloomy Villa dugout and the happy County faithful in the Pavis Stand.

Jess Clarke in full flow Notts vs Aston Villa

Jess Clarke flies down the left wing (again) on another Notts first half attack that saw County put the game beyond reasonable doubt after 45 minutes of play.

With a fourth goal looking inevitable County continued to press and probe the Villa defense and it was a finely flighted ball in to open space down the left side again that set Dunia Susi free once more. Latching on to the through pass she steamed in to her opponents half and just outside the 18 yard box was confronted by the Villa goalkeeper Leach, whom may have been better advised to stay in her goal as Susi put in a half stop and then elegantly skipped around the stranded goalie to drive into the penalty area and smack the ball into an empty net.

Dunia Susi rounds the keeper Notts vs Aston Villa

Dunia Susi leaves the Villa keeper wishing she’d stayed on her line. I blame those socks. What were they thinking?

Dunia Susi scores her second Notts vs Aston Villa

Dunia Susi slams the ball in to the back of the Villa net with aplomb (you’ve no idea how long I’ve waited to use that word in a sentence. And have you noticed its only a word used in football commentary? Never hear your average punter in the street talking about his mate fixing his broken carburetor with ‘aplomb’ do you!

So that was the first half. I wandered down to the opposite end of the ground, skilfully avoiding the water cannons used to wet the pitch at half time, where I set about my feast of a ‘packed lunch’ consisting of a packet of crisps and one of those little bottles of stuff that reduce your cholesterol – yum. Looking around; the crowd was not as big as for the game against Arsenal but then this was a cup tie against a 2nd division side so that may have had something to do with it. Once again the football had been entertaining and mercifully free of all those annoying things prevalent in men’s top flight football, like simulation, taking 5 minutes to take a free kick and chasing the referee around the pitch trying to change his decision.   Way to go WSL.

The second half was a different game!

County seemed to take their foot off the peddle. Villa seemed to find a more combative spirit and held a higher and stronger line that saw County run off-side time and time again. Villa seemed to be having the lion’s share of the possession too. So it was a relief when Jess Clarke timed her run perfectly and got on the end of another through ball to score arguably the best goal of the night. With the Villa defender closing and about to get a block on the shot, Clarke lashed the ball past the keeper with the outside of her right foot. No easy ask running at full pace.

Jess Clarke nets Notts 5th Notts vs Aston Villa

Jess Clarke’s second and her best. Generating enough power with the outside of the boot like that to beat the keeper when you are still 16 yards out is not easy.

Coaches 01

The coaches were happy. And this was BEFORE the game. I told them it would be 4 or 5 nil. They needn’t have worried. : )

Well done girls.


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