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I love Photography, I love Football and I love photographing beautifully athletic women…… so how could I resist going to see Notts County Ladies playing at Meadow Lane in a landmark game against Arsenal Ladies.

This match  marked a new era in women’s football in the UK as Notts County Ladies made their debut in the Women’s Super League. This was the first of 14 league games in the WSL, with 8 teams fighting for the top spot. Champions League football beckons for the team that finishes top. Notts County will be hoping to net some silverware this season, having already progressed to the quarter final of the FA Women’s Cup, where they face Portsmouth.

I arrived early for the 7:30pm kick off last night and paid my £6 at the gate. Armed with my trusty 5D3 and a f2.8 70-200mm (I actually hid the camera and lens separately in my big coat in case they didn’t allow ‘proper’ cameras in the ground) to test it under floodlight conditions.

I at first tried to saunter casually behind the goal to get the best shot as I didn’t have a press pass for this game. Unfortunately the security staff kindly asked me to bugger off back to the main stand area as the sections behind the goal were off limits to the general populous. This was quite sensible really as the expected crowd would be easily contained in the main stand and therefore Stewards could be better deployed.

I duly complied and returned to the Main Stand thinking how I seriously needed to get a organised and sort out a press pass for the next home game. So, my sneaky attempts at getting a good vantage point thwarted, I instead positioned myself at the next best angle toward one end of the pitch and in the first row of seats on the side line. When the game kicked off there were in excess of 1,500 spectators in the seated stand behind me. That’s a pretty good turnout for a game at this level of competition. And I think everyone of them were treated to a very competitive game full of skill and thankfully bereft of all those annoying attributes of the men’s game at the top flight.

County scored first through Jess Clarke with a sweet side footed shot wide of the keeper but the game finished in a 1-1 draw after Scott equalised for Arsenal in the second half. I’ll certainly be at the next home game cheering on the girls.

Anyhoo, less babble from me and more of the pictures from the night’s action. I really do need to blag a Press Pass for the next home game, shooting from the seating area in the stand is so embarrassing. Plus all the subs were running up and down in front of me every 5 minutes, not to mention stewards and spectators going to the loo and buying pies (not at the same time I hope) – so if anybody reading this can put in touch with the right person at County to get a Press Pass; please do. I’ll repay the favour with chocolate chip cookies. Here come the pics:

Notts County vs Arsenal Jess Clarke shields

Goal scorer Jess Clarke holds off an Arsenal defender.

Notts County vs Arsenal Sophie Walton

Sophie Walton keeps her eye on the ball.

Notts County vs Arsenal Katie Holtham

Katie Holtham turns on the magic.

Notts County vs Arsenal Sophie Walton defends against Kelly Smith

County’s defense held steady in the first half.

Notts County vs Arsenal County defend

Notts under pressure from a Yankey cross.

Notts County vs Arsenal Dunia Susi turn

The skilful Dunia Susi leaves the Arsenal defense standing.

Notts County vs Arsenal Arsenal keeper under pressure

The Arsenal keeper under pressure. Notts almost made it 2-1.

Notts County vs Arsenal Amy Turner

Determined defending from County’s Amy Turner.

Notts County vs Arsenal Jess Clarke foot race

Jess Clarke chases a pass down the side-line. *Notice arty out-of-focus stuff going on.

Notts County vs Arsenal Tumble

Penalty shout. The crowd certainly thought this was a foul inside the box.

Notts County vs Arsenal Turner collects

Notts Keeper Carly Telford collects a high ball safely.

Notts County vs Arsenal jump

Jess Clarke rises like a leaping Salmon for the flick on towards goal.


2 responses to “Notts County Ladies VS Arsenal Ladies

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  1. Hello Drew How are you? Love the blog.  Can’t believe you couldn’t blagg your press pass though Carol.



  2. Great pics – I reckon “Determined Defending” is an absolute cracker. Looks like a pretty intense game. Best insight yet into WSL which is surprisingly hard to do from Melbourne !! Cheers from Caitlin’s [Notts County #22] dad.


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