Belton International Horse Trials 2014   1 comment

It was my pleasure to be at Belton International Horse Trials last Sunday. Sunday afternoon particularly was blessed with fine weather and there was an action packed programme of equestrian action and all kinds of family entertainment. Apparently the attendance numbers were up every day, doubling on Saturday.

It was an impressive line up of competitors with most of the world’s top riders with at least one horse in the competition and these included world number one Andrew Nicholson, William Fox-Pitt, Mary King, Mark Todd, Izzy Taylor and Pippa Funnell.  The winner of the event’s most prestigious class, the CIC 4 Star was Sir Mark Todd with Leonidas II.

I was being a little lazy on Sunday and camped out by the water jump (always fun) for most of the day. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

izzy taylor

Izzy Taylor


The water jump where I spent most of Sunday.

Dog Saluki-doodle

Saluki-doodle dog. Not a horse.


A total poppet, more interested in twirling the string on the barrier line than watching the horsies.

Mary King 01

Mary King pulling a typical Mary King face.


What happens when you and your horse have different ideas about jumping a fence.


Pippa Funnell demonstrates how it should be done.


An Empire trailer that’s costs twice as much as the house I live in.



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  1. Amazing and a lovely collection of pictures!


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