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There is a website that you may or may not have heard of. It’s called Model Mayhem. Fundamentally it’s a place to network and hire or trade with photographer’s, models, make-up artist, stylists and retouchers.  It’s a pretty cool place, and I’ve enjoyed being a part of that community for the past 3 or 4 years.

However, one of the things that makes it so great is that it is open to anybody at any level of expertise and professionalism, but this is also the very thing that can leave you pulling your hair out!  Let me explain; Model Mayhem allows you to search for other ‘artists’ in a chosen field to collaborate with. You can narrow this search down by region and modify it with a ‘search radius in miles’. This enables you to find people close to you to work with. This networking can take up a lot of time and effort and sometimes for some people making good on commitments to actually turn up for a shoot can prove to be… lets be generous and say… ‘difficult’.

Sometimes grannies unexpectedly die on the morning of the shoot, or they’d forgotten that they were having their appendix out that day.

So, when I ambitiously arranged a ‘trade’ shoot (no money being exchanged, just people trading their time and skills for photos for their portfolios) with not only a female model from London, but also a male model from Leicester and a make-up artist and stylist too, I can be excused for being a little nervous that not everybody was going to turn up on time or actually arrive at all. But they all did and we had a fantastic days shoot.

So, if you find yourself needing a model one day, and can stand the stress, then check out Model Mayhem.

What follows are some of the images from Saturday’s shoot, based loosely on Helmut Newton’s style of black & white photography.

Luke & Marissa Seated time 01

Diva Time!

Luke & Marissa window LOW RES 01

The 4th Floor

Flogger 01 CROP

This is not what I paid for!

Luke grainy colour city landscaspe

In the Papers.

Spilt coffee 01

Spill the Beans!


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