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What is it about those cute little Red squirrels that makes them so adorable and so much more photogenic than Grey squirrels?

Could it be the lack of resemblance to a rat with a bushy tail? Or is it those tufty little ear tips and short stubby nose? Maybe its because they are relatively rare in most parts of the UK now. Or maybe they just have a better PR agent than the grey squirrels!

Whatever it is I’m off to Cumbria next early next month to try and shoot some. Shoot as in ‘photograph’ I hasten to add. They have Osprey in the area too so hopefully I’ll be in with a chance to photograph those too. Perhaps I’ll be lucky enough to get a shot of both these beautiful creature in one image…. no, wait, that would be … awful. Although it would make a good…. no, it would be awful.

So, just to make things interesting and to put some pressure on, I’ll make a promise now to post here the best shots of either animal, or any other wild animal I get my lens on, on the trip. This might involve stocking up on squirrel nibbles before I go…. and maybe a few Mackerel. I’m predicting early morning starts and twilight returns, together with copious amounts or crawling around in camouflage and getting wet and cold. All good fun though.

Here’s a shot of one of those ubiquitous Greys I bagged a while back as a place-holder – cute little fella isn’t he.



Squirrel up tree low res







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