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The UK has been hit by some big storm in the last few weeks – especially in the south and south west. Here in the East Midlands the weather has been a little kinder – for a given value of ‘kind’. And today we had bright sunshine and blue skies with no rain at all – possibly the first time since last October, or so it seems.

However, the weather forecast is predicting serious storms again hitting the United Kingdom tomorrow with a whole month’s worth of precipitation falling in the next 2 days.

I’m not sure if we are going to stay afloat – we’re certainly super saturated right now so more rainfall has nowhere to soak in to and will simply flood what precious little dry (read soggy) ground we have remaining.

These pictures are from this afternoon and feature the river Trent as it navigates its way under and in various places, around the Gunthorpe Bridge.

Gunthorpe Bridge floods_0007

The river breaking its banks adjacent to the Unicorn Pub car park – the flagpole and the jetty mark where the edge of the river was. Gunthorpe Bridge is in the distance.

Gunthorpe Bridge floods_0010

The approach to the walkway out to the boats moored on the river is now a little more difficult to get to – unless, ironically, you have a boat.

Gunthorpe Bridge floods_0021

A respite today as the rain stopped and the winds dropped – but the forecast is for storms tomorrow.


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