Waterstones extend Exhibition!   Leave a comment

As some of you may have read in an earlier post in my Blog – I did a photographic exhibition at Waterstones over the Christmas period called ‘Chapters of Life’.


Well, I swung in to the book store last week to meet with the general manager and make arrangements to have the pictures taken down (sad face) and removed off site, and to my delight Waterstones asked if they could leave the pictures up for the foreseeable future (happy face). They said that they’d received such tremendous feedback from their customers, who loved them up on the walls, and if it was all right with me they wanted to leave them there.

Of course I said yes.

We are now in talks about doing something new for this following Christmas – so watch this space, so to speak.

Waterstones Scottish Girl 01 Flat WEB Waterstones Shaven head WEB Chinese girl left LOW RES The Chinese girls LOW RES Young girl & Phil LOW RES Family on bean bags 01 WEB Waterstones Naples Student 01 WEB Waterstones Smiling girl WEB


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