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Steampunk has to be the only subject I’ve photographed where finding and making the wardrobe and props was as engaging as taking the photographs!

I can’t remember how I stumbled across the genre I only remember it was 2 or 3 years ago that I first saw images of this wonderful subculture and immediately fell in love with it. I know there are many different interpretations of Steampunk and its imagined timeline, and I’ve always viewed it as a skewed future dating back to the early Victorian era where some technologies were abandoned or never discovered and others took their place – most notably steam technologies.

I adore the textures and colour ways that Steampunk embraces and the way that many eclectic fashion influences can be mixed together to form a pleasing and complimentary whole.

All of my Steampunk images feature wardrobe and props that I’ve either bought from Charity shops, off eBay or made myself: the hats and the pistols feature real copper piping painstakingly glued together. The bases for the hats are either top hats or stovepipe hats bought at costume shops or from eBay stores with the pistols originally coming from antique fairs and then undergoing transformation at my sticky hands.

Having photographed the various costumes I eventually sold the various bits and pieces off on eBay. I was mightily and pleasantly surprised at how much they went for. This led to me getting requests for bespoke hats, goggles and pistols which I was happy to offer prices for and happy to build.


Steampunk Tint 01 Low Res

This is the famous Steampunk assassin; Felicity Bywater-Cummings. Her weapon of choice was the small pocket sized handgun. Everything in this picture was scavenged from charity shops.


Stove side

Stovepipe hat from a fancy dress shop for pennies with assorted copper piping and a shop bought alarm clock. Great fun to make.


Big Hat plus Gauges + Steam MM

The assemble on the head of a Steampunk industrialist. The smoke added by me in Photoshop. I couldn’t quite get the miniature steam engine working in time! : )


Steampunk Pistol side full

This was one of my favourite pieces; the pistol stock was purchased at an antique fair and I went to work on it with the copper piping and assorted attachments. The leather grip on the handle is a belt bought from a charity shop (a great source of many wonderful bits and pieces).


Lauren Steampunk shoot Pistol 02 MM

This is the gun in action in the hands of a Steampunk piratess; as you can see it was a big bugger!


Profile right

Another Steampunk pistol made from an old toy cowboy gun. Same MO as the pistol above.


goggle hat best

This is a pair of Steampunk goggles I was commissioned to build. The foundation is a pair of welding glasses to which I glued the various workings of an old pocket watch. The covers flipped up in two separate levels to reveal the left eye piece of the goggles.


Sitting knees up 01 MM

BLACK jacket Tilt B&W MM

And finally a picture of the Steampunk debutante Eleasha Cromworthington. Bowler hat and boots manufactured by me and everything else bought online at an eBay store.


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