What’s the story? What are you photographing and why?   Leave a comment

I had the fortune to read an article in a photographic journal the other day which talked at length about the motivation behind taking photographs of, well, pretty much anything.

Which got me thinking about what I photograph and why. Did I shoot from the heart or from the head?

Lauren fur coat face

I know we can all get caught up at times with f stops, shutter speeds and focal lengths – the technical side of an image. Compound that with the need to consider composition and framing the shot; the rule of thirds, leading lines, colour contrasts, odds numbers, negative space, and before we know it either the moment has passed or we have loss the emotion in the image.

Yv profile in ruin corridor MM

There is something wonderful, to me at least, about a technically flawed image that pulls at the hearts strings or that finds a way deep in to your soul.

Triathlon Club Relay Championship Exhausted

My new years resolution is to try and shoot more with my heart (no idea how to deliberately do that by the way) and less with my head and see what happens.




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