Husky Racing in Sherwood Forest!   Leave a comment

Siberian Husky dog racing howled and yammered in to Nottinghamshire again this weekend, with the arrival of the Siberian Husky Club of Great Britain at Sherwood Pines. Each year the club descend upon this venue just north of Bilsthorpe (part of Sherwood Forest) as part of the club’s National Championship that climaxes in Aviemore in Scotland.

The event is held over a Saturday and Sunday – this year on the 11th & 12th of January – and is organised by Keith Givens of the SHCGB. The race track in the forest covers some 5 to 6 miles with top competitors finishing the race in under 10 minutes. The community that gathers there are extremely friendly and passionate about their sport and their beautiful dogs, which is open to Siberian Huskies, Malamutes and Samoyed breeds.

The ‘Rigs’ – the 3 wheeled contraptions  the drivers balance on – are pulled by teams of up to 6 dogs and speed around the circuit at 2 minute intervals.

Jenna Cooper #525 Sunday 2014

8 wheel drive but only one of the wheels on the floor at this moment as a 2 dog team race over a rise and around a bend in the dirt track.

Stuart Murray #144 SAT 2014

A 6 dog team in full flow. The mushers (the drivers) shout instructions and encouragement at the dogs as they race, telling them to turn left, right or to go straight on.


It’s not called Sherwood Pines for nothing!

Gareth Bowyer #611b Sunday 2014

Siberian Huskies – possibly the longest tongues in the canine world!


And of course the marshalls – working for free – without whom the race would not be possible to stage.

You can see more pictures of these magnificent beasts (no, not the marshalls) in the Husky Racing gallery on my website:


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