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Our dogs get an early morning walk (whether they like it or not) from me down a country lane at the end of our village. They are generally well behaved dogs and I keep them on the lead when passing other people with dogs until it’s safe to let them off again.

Prince sitting take Final Edit

It is a rare morning that we don’t meet somebody coming the other way. Most of the time they are ‘regulars’ on that particular walk, but sometimes there are people and dogs we’ve not met before. This morning, on our return journey, we spied a woman up ahead on the lane coming towards us, and presuming she had a dog with her somewhere I slipped both of mine back on their leads.

Now, as she approached us it was clear to see that she was on her mobile phone and her dog off the lead running around having the time of its life. Okay. No problem. Only as we crossed and said good morning to each other her dog bounded congenially straight in to my two dogs, and all hell kicked-off for a few minutes. No real harm done – but I couldn’t help wonder why a total stranger with a dog wouldn’t presume to put their pooch back on the lead when meeting somebody new.

But do ya know what’s worse that that? Those over friendly dogs on muddy days that insist on jumping up and planting their great muddy paws on you! usually accompanied by the owners cries of ‘Oh Jasper, you naughty dog – get down!’ Yes, isn’t Jasper naughty. Maybe Jasper could be kept on his lead. Maybe Jasper’s owner would like the cleaning bill!

I’m thinking of training our dogs to do the muddy paw dance.

Lurcher lurching b & w challenge


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