Nottingham University and its Jubilee Campus.   Leave a comment

I love it! Only discovered it a few months ago when I had a meeting there and was amazed at the architecture located therein.

Now I know that these buildings are not everybody’s cup of tea but … I think they are very photogenic.

So, I drove back there last weekend and spent an hour in the rain and wind and the dreak conditions to try and capture a few worthwhile shots.

Wet Road Red building 01This one has been described as Lego Brick with an attitude.

Red building 02More attitude.

Red building 01Hmmm, somebody left the light on.

Clean building 01I love the lines in these buildings and the quality materials used. The attention to detail is wonderful.

Wood Tower building 02The wood clad building and towers are simply stunning. Unless you think they’re not.

Wet street wood building 02Told you it was raining.

Wet street wood building 01Lots of glass on show too.

Well, all I know is that if I were studying there I’d be inspired to come to lectures each day.


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