Kayaking at the National Watersports Centre   Leave a comment

Yup – by now you can probably guess that I spend a lot of time shooting at the Watersports Centre in Nottingham.

And the kayakers are some of my favourite subjects. They’re a tremendously friendly lot and they make great actions shots. The white water always gives good photographic opportunities.

WWSC Sat 3rd Aug 13_20130803_0089

The more skilful they are the easier they make it look and the calmer in the water they appear.

Team Click-let

The spray and water moving over the surface of the boats can make for a really dramatic image.

Sal Saturday_20130810_0304

Nose pegs are a must!

Black kayak 01

See, I told you nose pegs were a must!

Little rascal

And it’s never too early or late to take up the sport.


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