The National Club Triathlon Relay Championship – Photographer down!   Leave a comment

Well, that was … embarrassing!

I did my first Team Relay Triathlon Championship last Saturday at the National water Sports Centre in Nottingham and couldn’t walk the next day.

The embarrassing bit is that I was only there Photographing it!


The whole weekend was something akin to Glastonbury meets Athletics and says hello in passing to ‘It’s a Knockout’! There was a carnival atmosphere with people in fancy dress, comedy commentators and …… well, hang on while I find the organiser’s ‘blurb’. Ah, here it is:

A total of 660 Teams took part in the relay x 4: 500m, swim – 15k, bike and the 5k run. Started in 1991, this event is just legendary; there is truly nothing else like it. In 1991 with just 120 competitors, 2012 saw over 2000 lucky athletes join in the organised chaos of the Club Relays.

The event is now not so much about the swim, bike, run elements, but obviously these are very important. We like to think this whole weekend of fun is triathlon’s answer to the Glastonbury Music Festival. Yes, there’s the headline stage – over the years we have had Olympians and World Champions taking part but this weekend is also about the apres triathlon. Where else can you find close to 1000 triathletes all camping and partying together!


I’ve seldom met so many happy, wonderful, knackered people in one place.


The venue is a photographer’s dream as the swim, bike and run and all the transition points take place in and around the National Water Course.


For more pics go see my website:


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