A collection of …   2 comments

… Photographers?

Collective terms are up for grabs. You won’t find any hard and fast rules about what can and cannot be a collective noun. You can basically make them up as you like.

For example; there is a ‘murder of Crows’, a ‘parliament of Rooks’ and an ‘unkindness of Ravens’. No, it’s true.

So if we can have a ‘Clutch of Car Mechanics’ and a ‘Flutter of Nuns’ what would the collective noun for photographers be? A ‘focus’? a Montage? A Composite? Or …

… a ‘Chimp!’



Posted April 8, 2011 by Drew in Uncategorized

2 responses to “A collection of …

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  1. lol Drew ! Iquite like a click of photographers or should that be clique ??? or of course it could be an exposure !


  2. Ah, yes, a ‘Click’ would even better. Nice one Mel.


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