Why don’t you…   Leave a comment

… stop logging in to the Forums and go and do something more productive instead!

With apologies to the TV show ‘Why don’t you…‘ that ran during my adolescent years. But it applies here; just say ‘no’ the next time your fingers twitch toward your favourite internet Forum bookmark. Think of all the things you could be doing instead.

When it comes to Photographic forums I’m guessing that they are no different to any other forum. They are populated by people who sometimes seem to spend more time typing about their enthusiasm for photography than actually practicing it.

Then there are the ‘gear head‘ sites, where people enthuse about the latest lens or camera and ask and answer countless questions about why piece of equipment ‘A’ is better than piece of equipment ‘B’. Each to their own of course, but if you are keen to progress and improve your photography then shouldn’t you be out taking photographs?



Posted April 7, 2011 by Drew in Uncategorized

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