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… safely negotiated. I don’t think people make the same effort that they used to when we were kids (you know you are getting old when you start using phrases like that). And all that the BBC could manage was the announcement of 3D Radio. Laugh? I almost started.

That 3D effect is something that we as photographers are always striving for. That special something that really lifts the image.

And any photographer worth his salt will tell you that it’s all about the light! That wonderful golden hour at the beginning and end of the day. But that one hour window at the start and end of the day isn’t really that narrow. The light an hour or so before and after can also do wonders for your photography.

Taken as the light began to fade

Of course depending on the weather conditions and the available light, capturing fast action sports can require some more dedicated equipment. The shot above was taken with a fast f2.8 telephoto lens and a camera capable of high ISO settings without introducing too much noise.

When photographing sports action it isn’t usually possible to dictate the time and place, but hanging some knowledge of the sport and the best locations on the course will pay dividends, and then it’s simply a matter of waiting for the light fantastic.



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