I succumbed….   Leave a comment

….. and this is my first post in my new blog.

Until now I always thought of ‘blogs’ as being virtual space for people to rant, rave and generally get off their collective chests anything that was irking them. And a very small part of me believed they facilitated ‘billy no mates’ in allowing him or her to reach out to the world, and inform it with their daily diatribe, gaining some delusional satisfaction in the belief that they were indeed being ‘listened to’. What a cynic.

Ranting! It’ll get you a funny look every time!

But to move along…

This blog, this; in no way a ‘billy no mates’ blog, is designed to record my rants and raves about the world in general and the world of photography specifically. Ah, yes, the world of digital photography and digital art. I adore great art. Art, that is, that I can understand. Not the other kind; the ‘art’ that requires you to buy a book to understand what you are looking at, and that offers guidelines, in not at all a patronising manner, as to what that art should make you ‘feel’.

Personally, I like art that makes me want to look at it. If Art where an organism that needed to survive and evolve and remain competitive it would be ‘art that made you look at it’ wouldn’t it? I mean, surely it wouldn’t be that kind of Art that gets thrown in the dustbin by mistake when the cleaners come in to the gallery at night, would it?

Art that gets thrown away wouldn’t survive to pass on its genes. Darwin would not be impressed. And as we traverse the current economic ice age then there is only so much ‘real estate’ available and only the viable survive. But please no fluffy cat pictures or pictures of smiling babies wearing comedy sized hats. I think I’d sooner face extinction.

And there we go…

My very first rant. But hopefully, less ranting and more photography in future. I shall leave you with a picture of Art in motion.

Straight from the 2011 Lincolnshire Horse Trials.



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