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Growing in popularity every year, the 2014 Outlaw Triathlon held at the National Water Sport Center in Nottingham, saw the biggest crowds ever this year.

The race is a 2.5 mile swim followed by a 112 mile bike race and finishes by testing competitors with a full Marathon. It was an incredible days entertainment for the record crowds and the event organisers One Step Beyond put on a brilliant show again and event sponsors featured High5, Erdinger, Buff and BlueSeventy.

Here’s the event in words and pictures:

Team Helpers One Step Beyond 02

First off a HUGE thanks has to go to all the Event Crew volunteers that made the show possible. This is Jennie and Angie (not sure which is which). I was waiting for the bike race to reenter the transition from the road and was about 30 minutes too early so I got the girls to go through a little posing routine whilst I snapped away. Thanks girls. :)

Sally super star

And this is the legendary Sally Montgomery – all round great person and international kayaker. She, along with many other paddlers, was part of the safety flotilla for the swim sections.


I was lucky enough to get a spot on the media boat that followed the lead athletes in the swim on Sunday. I had to get up at 4am to be on it as the race started at 6am but it was well worth it and great fun trying not to fall in or accidentally knock one of the camera crew in.

Pink rainbow swim

And just to rewind a little this is a shot from the previous day – they had the BIG Swim event and also allowed the Sunday triathletes practice the swim start for Sunday.


Exiting the Big Swim on Sunday. What do you mean ‘Product Placement!’? :)


The transition area was always a fun place to hang out.

Z3 ZEROD leg

Arty farty shot of the Outlaw swim exits.

Winner in shower

This is Craig Twigg taking a quick shower en route to winning the event.

Girls face

And here’s somebody that didn’t win, but had a great time not doing so. I love the look on the little girl’s face. :)

Jenny Bosman winner of the Womens Outlaw Triathlon

Jenny Bosman won the women’s race. Here she is kidnapping two children from the crowd.

Winners celebs 02

The celebration started out sensibly until Twigg accidentally spilled a drop of Edinger on his fellow competitor ………

Winners celebs 010

….. who’s retaliation was completely disproportionate. :)

(C) Drew Smith Photography

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The British Rowing National Junior Championships were held at the National Water Sports Center in Nottingham this weekend. I had the privilege of photographing the event on a very wet Saturday and a beautifully sunny Sunday.

The hospitality I was extended by Edward Lloyd Rees and his team was humbling – I was even bought a Crunchie bar for helping out with one of the flag stands. :) Perks of the job. 

Also humbling was the commitment and the effort demonstrated by the junior competitors – at times it was too much and crossing the Finish line often resulted in an outpouring of emotion.

Here is the events in words and pictures:

Saturday provided plenty of wind for flying the Championship flags as the first series of races started at 8am in the morning. I’d actually driven down to the start at 7:30am and set up my equipment only to find that the start line for the time trials that day were some 400 meters further up the course. Ho hum – pack up and relocate. :)


Flying the flag. I helped with the bases for these and earned myself a Crunchie bar from Sue. :)


The various categories of time trials began and I was shooting at the Finish line which was full of emotion as the racers crossed the line.


The pain…..


… and exhaustion….


… were sometimes too much.


Whilst others seemed able to keep their emotions in check.


Even if they were physically drained.

Rain 1L0A5682_0287

The rain continued to rain for most of the day. At one point the downpour was so heavy the racing had to be temporarily halted. I was bravely hiding in my car.


A number of the schools had pitched tent for the duration and one or two had even set up kitchen for their hungry teams of competitors.


Give us a wave Monmouth!


Lots of prep and then the moment of truth….


… out on the water it was time to put everything in to practice…


… and leave nothing out on the lake….


… with everybody pulling in the same direction.

Girls with boat overhead_1

Strength, elegance and balance all on show in this testing sport.


Congratulation to all of those taking part, both the winners and losers.

(C) Copyright Drew Smith Photography



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Notts title hopes fade.   Leave a comment

Notts County Ladies title hopes all but evaporated on hot and humid Sunday afternoon at Meadow Lane today.

The Pies couldn’t repeat their earlier win over Birmingham City Ladies FC and went down to a solitary goal from the Blues, leaving them 11 points away from top spot. The game was full of honest endevour again but Birmingham had far and away the better chances on goal whilst County struggled to create any clear cut chances of their own.

Here’s the game in words and pictures:

Notts suffered a blow early in the week when it was confirmed that Sophie Bradley had suffered damage to her anterior cruciate ligament and would be sidelined for the rest of the season. Here’s wishing her a full and healthy recovery.


County Captain Sophie Bradley on crutches and suffering the torment of all injured professionals of having to just sit and watch.


The game was hard fought. Lots of battles all over the pitch with both defenses playing well.


With a bit of rough stuff here and there……..


… the odd blatant nudge in the back….


… going unpunished….


… but with many moments of skill too.


It was a pensive sideline watching this ‘do-or-die’ game for Notts.


Jess Clarke and Dunia Susi ran at the Birmingham defense but without real success.

The first half ended with a golden opportunity for Birmingham to open the scoring when City’s Hannah Keryakoplis headed Karen Carney’s cross down at the ground in front of  Carly Telford from inside the six yard box when it would have been easier to score.

The second half resumed and we all waited for County to pick up the pace and start giving their opponents real problems but it was Birmingham that found the net. Early on in the first half a corner from Potts swung in to the far corner of the County goal uncontested.


Notts concede one of those ‘nothing’ goals that sometimes just happen.

But even this didn’t seem to galvanise the Notts players who seemed a little short on ideas in this game. In fact it was Birmingham in the ascendency and they went on to create 2 or 3 very good openings that they failed to put away.


Carney pulls the trigger but is off target as Birmingham look to increase the scoreline.


Then a terrific pass found a Blues striker clear on goal from 6 yards out and it was left to Carly Telford to keep Notts in the game as she was quickly off her line to smother the attempt.


Carly saves the day…. temporarily.


Waiting for the corner kick. The Blues keeper feeling the pressure pushes several Notts players away.


But Notts threat, such as it was today, fizzled out along with the 90 minutes and any hope County had of challenging for the League Title.


Game over, at least as far as the League goes.

So, lets see what we can do in the Continental Cup semi finals.



We’re having a heat wave!   Leave a comment

Thursday was obviously a day off for most serious competitors and there was much ‘larking about’ going on at the National Water Sports Center. But amidst all this jocularity of water splashing and falling in one of the local coaches was inducting one or two kayakers in their first experience inside a needle thin rowing boat. Here are the pics:


The challenge was ‘can you stand up?’. The answer was ‘no’.


And with the temperatures hovering around the 30 degree Celsius mark it was time to cool down,


Although there was still some serious rowing going on here and there.


Time for the coach to show how it is done…..


… and then shout instruction….


… to obviously nervous and wary students.


… with pupils meeting various degrees of success….. going… going…..


… gone!


… but good practice for getting back in again in open water.


And definitely a day to stay hydrated. Even this has to be synchronised.  :)

Bad habits and obliterated backgrounds!   Leave a comment

Why is it so easy to get in to bad habits, but more challenging to get in to good habits? Who knows!

I caught myself just in time last night as I was about to habitually pull up alongside the water sports ‘white water’ course where I tend to hang out when I have an itchy shutter finger. As I pulled up in the car but before I’d turned off the ignition I suddenly realised that I keep shooting on the same stretch of water and this had become a habit. Time for a change.

I put the car back in gear and drove over to the 2km Regatta Lake where a group of enthusiastic mixed ability racers where setting out on the water for a 31/2 lap handicap race just as an earlier group of individual racers were coming back in.

Here are the pics:


‘Come in number 113 – your time is up!’ If I say so myself I love the compression on the background detail in this shot.


Okay, forget the skill in sculling; how on earth does this antipodean balance on that thin little boat?


Those going out for the race set off with different time handicaps but soon those at the back become those at the front.


Left turn without a steering wheel. And in case you were wondering there are TWO boats here. It’s not a ‘bendy-bus’ adaptation.


Some people showed the strain of concentration in their faces……


… and others, not so much. :)

(c) Copyright Drew Smith Photography

Emotion, Shape, Colour and Composition.   Leave a comment

I love taking photos of people expressing emotion. I also love action sports shots. If I can combine the two then I’m a happy bunny. :)

But a sports pic with emotion still has to have composition and some kind of contextual shape to it to allow you to enter the subject’s world.

I went out experimenting at a local haunt of mine – The National Water Sports Center in Nottingham. I was trying to see if I could get 1 close-up shot as tight as possible that was as minimalistic as possible but still gave the following information:

                                                                         1. The emotion of the moment

                                                                         2. The sport being participated in

                                                                         3. Engaging composition and colour.

This is what I came up with:




My big fake wedding!   Leave a comment

I had the pleasure of shooting a fake wedding last month, to create a number of images for local Companies involved in the wedding industry.

Thought I’d share the pics and a link to my wedding photography website:

The beautiful Katie.

Katie dressing 01 LOGO

Katie being asked to come down the stairs by me for the umpteenth time.

Katie Antique stairs B&W

That gorgeous car.

Wedding Car 04 B&W

That gorgeous look….

Katie Antique dress on stairs  03

… and finally a beautifully classical Katie.

Katie Antique dress 01



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